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Scenario Wedding Planner: Your Key To Heavenly Weddings



Planning and executing grand wedding events has become complex than ever before. For choosing the location, creating blueprints for venue design, managing logistics, deploying event coordinators and putting intricate decor elements spot-on — you need a wedding planner with world-class expertise and experience. That’s what Scenario Wedding Planner is. 

Founded in 2008 in Ernakulam, Scenario Wedding Planner has become one of the best wedding management organizations in Kerala. From elite Kochi, the breezy Kerala coasts, the cosmopolitan Dubai city to Rajasthan’s palatial locales, Scenario Wedding Planner has immense experience in conducting wedding events across cultures and geographies. 

How Scenario Wedding Planner serves 

Thanks to its deep know-how and expertise as a wedding organizer, Scenario Wedding Planner can realise your dreams around choosing wedding venues, wedding design, wedding planning, destination weddings, wedding photography, and executing luxurious wedding imaginations. 

Aimed at fulfilling the couple’s, families’ and guests’ dreams, Scenario Wedding Planner handles every detail of a wedding event — be it invitation design, decor, travel, hospitality staff, vendor selection, legal compliances, safety and more. Owing to their experience of working in different cultures, religions and customs, Scenario Wedding Planner knows well what each of their clients is looking for. 

Personalisation: your wedding is truly yours 

Every couple is different and would have their unique dream of reflecting their identities. And, Scenario Wedding Planner makes sure that its clients’ wedding events speak volumes of their tastes and personality. Offering a plethora of themed weddings (coloured theme, library theme, jungle theme, beach wedding, musical theme, etc.), Scenario Wedding Planner makes it easier for couples to choose and customise how their entire wedding event. 

Scenario Wedding Planner caters to wedding events of all sizes and budgets. They are adept at designing and executing wedding events well within the budget of the client. Be it website and social media promotion, grand entries, wedding photo- and videography, bringing acclaimed artists for entertainment or providing wedding favours and thanks cards, Scenario Wedding Planner can do it all in a budget-friendly way. Alongside, Scenario Wedding Planner collaborates with some of the most reputed convention centers, resorts and event halls in and out of Kerala. 

So, finding a great place to celebrate your wedding in your own locality is a cakewalk when you choose ScenarioTo know the extent and variety of the services they provide, Scenario Wedding Planner has an amazing website that details the various services they offer. Covering all religions and traditions, you can find all wedding event elements and design components that suit your personality and attitude, on their website.  

Wedding events and beyond …

Another dimension Scenario Wedding Planner focuses on is sustainability. Minimising wastage and maximising beauty while being nature friendly is a value that drives Scenario Wedding Planner. Above all, they put in their best to ensure that guests are treated in the most cordial and pleasing way. That’s one of the core reasons why Scenario Wedding Planner has become the most sought-after wedding management organisation from Kerala. 

From scratch to finish, Scenario Wedding Planner is cent percent committed to delivering exceptional wedding event experiences in the most flawless manner. So if you want to design and execute the wedding event of your dreams and ensure your guests have a memorable experience, in a budget-friendly way, check with Scenario Wedding Planner first. They’ll realise it for you! 

Bahanan Areeckal: the visionary 

Scenario Wedding Planner is spearheaded by one of Kerala’s most enterprising event management entrepreneurs — Bahanan K Areeckal. After graduating in Hospitality from the Oriental School of Hotel Management, Wayanad, Bahanan ventured into event management. By founding Scenario Wedding Planner in 2008, he began focussing on wedding events, and scaled his enterprise through continuous innovation and reimagining of the business. 

Thanks to Bahanan’s vision and leadership, Scenario Wedding Planner has served several elite clients, including celebrities and business tycoons. His passion for conducting wedding events is fuelled by a team of professional designers, hospitality personnel, IT specialists and content creators. 

Bahanan believes that the crux of conducting a wonderful wedding event lies in clearly understanding the needs of the client. And this, he always does through in-person meetings with clients. Looking to reimagine how wedding events are conducted, Bahanan is a continuous learner of trending stage ideas, venue set-ups and intricate décor elements. 

Moreover, he has given more wings to Scenario Wedding Planner through a dedicated kids events service – Kids Party Planero. And in all this, he is aided by his wife, Soorya Bahanan, who is an experienced event designer herself. 

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