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SEFA: Milking machine Suppliers in India



SEFA dairy machines were founded in 2013 to produce end-to-end farming equipment components. They are one of top India’s best end-to-end suppliers of milking machines. SEFA Dairy Machines believes in collaborating with the right partners to provide the customers with high-quality yet affordable products. Dealers from all over the world join them in their quest to provide the best service to customers all over India. 

Milking Machine

The milk machine is specifically designed for cows, making it safer and more convenient to use that could directly observe the liquid in the plastic transparent milk bucket. The plastic milk bucket is thick enough and has a long service life, compatible with almost all vacuum pumps. Milking machines, single bucket milking machines with the engine, and double bucket milking machines are some of the products that SEFA offers.

Bucket Milking MachineThe bucket milking machine is simple to operate. Anyone can milk cattle with the assistance of these machines with the milk quantity is increased because whole milk is removed from the udder of cattle, which is not possible during the manual milking process. It also takes less time than the manual milking process. SEFA has created this device to keep cattle clean and milk quality high while reducing human interference during manual milking. These milking machines aid in the effective assimilation of cow milk. 

  1. Eco-Line milking machine

For the faster milking production, SEFA eco-line machine has improved grip on the teat with improved health and lighter weight cluster. It includes Pulsator, Cluster, Vacuum Pump and complete bucket assembly. 

Pulsator Cluster Vacuum Pump Bucket Assembly

  1. Pro-Line Milking Machine

Pro-Line solutions help improve your herd’s comfort and, as a result, increase profitability. Pro-Line will help ensure that your farm remains productive and viable from concept to installation and after-sales service. It includes Vacuum Pump, Pulsator, Claw, Cluster and Ultra Clean Milk Tube.

Vacuum Pump 



Cluster Ultra Clean Milk Tube

The price of the SEFA milking machine depends on the type and features it has to offer. The machinery provides a constant vacuum to suck the Cow and Buffalo milk.

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