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We are a cutting-edge fintech business with the goal of assisting those who are struggling financially to escape debt traps. In spite of multiple Supreme Court rulings against the use of strong arm techniques in recovery, it is well known that if you don’t make your loan repayments in India, you’ll be pursued by recovery agencies and have a horrible existence. 

In wealthy nations like the USA and Europe, debt settlement is commonplace, however it is rarely used in India. And no one is on the side of the unfortunate borrower who might not be able to return their debts because of events beyond their control, such as job losses, medical issues, etc. In this situation we come into the picture and help to provide our clients with an Amicable solution to all their problems.

There is no hiding how stressful it is to be in debt. You might put on a brave face for your loved ones, but in reality, you can’t stop stressing about where you will get the funds to pay your debts and keep the lights on in your house. You don’t need to live that lifestyle because our Advocates will pursue legal action to stop the creditor’s harassment. You can live a life comfortable in the assurance that your debts are now being managed and without worrying about creditors calling you or approaching your friends and family nonstop. We have served thousands of Indians just like you over the years. Experience tells us that many people find it hard to find the time.


  1. Debt Free Solutions
  • This is one of the solutions Settleloans is providing is to work up a payment plan that will allow you to pay off all of your unsecured debts in a manageable plan, which SettleLoans will set up and maintain with all of your creditors. The debts covered by this debt management plan are unsecured debts, or liabilities that are not secured by your assets or properties. Personal loans, credit cards, student loans, and bank overdrafts.
  • In your appointment, SettleLoans will determine the appropriate monthly payment amount, and if you decide to join with us, we’ll approach your creditors about accepting manageable payments. In our experience, the majority of creditors tend to agree with these as we explain your financial circumstances to them
  • Our team of attorneys can provide legal notices, bank account closures for salaries, ECS halts, bank account liens, arbitration hearing and order preparation, bounced check resolution, and court hearing advice.
  • If our debt plan is the best option, our insolvency lawyers (IL) will set up and handle any unsecured debts under it. A comprehensive “financial health audit” of all the unsecured loan accounts is conducted by the IL as part of the debt plan supervision.
  1. Stopping Creditor Harassment
  • When a person misses an EMI, the creditor’s collection process begins, therefore the person will go through the following, frequent phone calls,unwanted visits at their residence and place of employment, legal Notices and making calls to family and friends
  • These actions are within the parameters of the RBI guidelines, but based on the experiences of our customers, we have learned that the creditors frequently go beyond the bounds of the law and begin to use tactics like intimidation and harassment.
  • When the creditors begin to employ these strategies, our Advocates will step in to ensure that your customer’s rights are safeguarded. If the harassment continues, we will also file a claim for compensation for you.
  • Your clients can forward harassing phone calls to our paralegal team, who will answer them on their behalf, if they are continuously receiving them. Your client can lead creditors who visit their home or place of business to our Advocates and paralegals, who will handle them legally.


  1. Business Debt Solutions
  • Covid’s effects and the shutdown have forced several firms to deal with serious difficulties. Businesses that are operating in survival mode, dealing with disruptions in cash flow, and going bankrupt have increased significantly. Businesses typically seek only temporary relief from their financial challenges as they work to reposition themselves in a stronger position. We offer the proper solutions for you and your business, whether it’s managing your debts and safeguarding it from collection agencies or legal action, re-structuring your business loan repayments to something more manageable, or applying for a payment break while you get your firm back on track.
  1. Settlements and Foreclosures
  • In a debt settlement, the borrower and the lender agree to pay back a portion of the loan total while forgiving the remaining amount.
  • In most circumstances, we can reach a settlement without lowering your credit score, allowing you to become debt-free.
  • We can provide solutions if you are thinking about a settlement because no two settlements are the same. Settlements that best suit your situation can be negotiated by us.
  1. ADR methods for Seeking Amicable Solutions

Methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution System the techniques or modes of ADR, though widely accepted all over the world, may vary from region to region. This fluctuation depends on the legal framework of a country. The following are the methods of settlement that are widely accepted:

  • Arbitration
  • Mediation 
  • Conciliation
  • Negotiation


We are trusted by more than 5,000 clients and have dealt with almost 100+ cr of debt management till date. We offer services PAN India with over 10,000 client interactions and have a massive client base with a success rate of 98%. We provide  cutting edge services over the others companies present in the market at an affordable and competitive pricing as compared to our competitors. 

We have helped our clients in making their life debt free and stress free.There are a number of factors that might motivate you to repay a debt. You could desire to pay off your debt as soon as possible since you are unable to make the required monthly installments.With settleloans you stay protected at all times It’s possible that you’ve missed payments and are in danger of losing your home.Over the years we’ve helped thousands of people in India just like you,​​Our focus is on saving you money while getting you out of the debt trap. We make every step of the process as transparent as possible, because we want every client to feel confident in their partnership with us. We know from experience that many people struggle to find the time, or acquire the skills, to effectively manage their debts and legal issues. With everything under one roof, we have the solution tailored made for you and save you time and money. Whatever the cause, will be a viable alternative to bankruptcy for those who need to get out of debt. 

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