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Shezanick-The story of this Young Entrepreneur running multiple ventures online.



Shezan: This 17-year-old entrepreneur is onto big things with his mind-blowing marketing, sales, and brand-building expertise.

Shezan is a young entrepreneur who has worked on various digital ventures in the online space, helping him source multiple projects. His recent venture, “We Creative Heads,” is a Gen-Z-based company helping business owners with powerful Marketing and Brand Building.

Shezan has always been a guy of multiple interests. Since then, he started his journey early at the age of 14 and has done numerous things in the digital space, such as video marketing, software,drop-shipping, gaming, online marketing, graphic design, sales funnels, and many more. But his fascination with technology and the digital world always keeps him going. His journey started with youtube at the age of 13 when it was not so popular. He kept trying various things at an early age, which at 15 got him into marketing, sales and branding.

Shezan soon discovered an interest in Internet marketing and content creation and working on various side hustles and projects along the way. He started his first website at the age of 14 with his friend by buying a domain from the money made from his side hustles. However, He got no success. Still, they continued adding content on the website leading to more experience in Internet Marketing.

“Dropshipping was the first thing where I got my initial success from till then all the things I did gave me experiences, but none of them had gone big enough.” Shezan said, “Soon, I started my online brand and kept working with dropshipping.” Then sooner he realized that having an online presence is necessary as a business owner. Till now, he was a person who kept himself hidden behind his work. So he started his brand with a logo and graphic content and then converted it into his brand named ‘Shezanick,’ sharing his experiences with the world through his content. He even started his pod series The Growth Voice then, now rebranded under We Creative Heads.

Shezan fell in love with marketing and branding when he realized that you could build the best product/service/content out there, but it is useless if you can’t market it. When he started working on marketing, it didn’t feel like work to him. He enjoyed the process and discussed it for hours and hours with his clients and mates, making him continue going deep.

Shezan runs seven ventures globally in different industries, from social media to startups, along with his studies. He has created the systems and processes for the businesses he runs to give him time to focus on multiple projects and to keep expanding. He is currently concentrating on his Project We Creative heads with his team and building a creator-based startup under We Creative heads.

“I Don’t have a mentor, to be honest. My experiences, teammates, and family have guided me and inspired me to work harder. I do get inspired by a lot of people and take the good values from them,” Shezan said.

I had an idea to build a brand where all the Gen-Z Entrepreneurs and like-minded creatives come under one roof to work on their passion and utilize their diverse skill sets to work on different projects together and overall become a robust, diverse team building a company out of it to provide an opportunity to young minds to grow their skills and help each other as a team. In January this year, he turned this idea into reality with “We Creative Heads(WCH)” with some friends he met online working on his social media ventures. Fast forward to today; this has been a game-changer for him and his team. He is eventually planning to launch multiple projects under it.

“(WCH) is a dream that our whole team has big plans for, and We will work to ensure that we achieve that as a team, more projects and brands will be soon launching under WCH,” Shezan says.


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