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Shrey Ahluwalia nominated as Best Astrologer under the age of 40 by International Fame Awards 2021.



Delhi-based Ex Hotelier Shrey Ahluwalia has created a niche for himself as a young-dynamic Celebrity Astrologer with a radiant reputation that emerges not just across India, but in Africa and South America as well.

I love Astromancy. Says Astrologer Shrey Ahluwalia

Clarity Honesty. Affluent Disquisition …and most of the all he is connoisseur in Astrology/Numerology, Tarot Reading & Vastu.

 Yes, we are talking about a very well-known astrologer Shrey Ahluwalia Post Graduate in Hospitality Management & Food Studies London, 2-year diploma holder of Jyotishacharya from Destiny Science Delhi and has 10 years of sound expertise in the field of Astrology. He says ‘I love astrology and astrology has become my Life’

Shrey is also practicing tarot cards past 10 years.

Journey began in 2009 when he saw his father Astrologer Kailash Ahluwalia & mother crystal healer, reiki grand master Vijay Ahluwalia helping many people around the world.

His intuition power was very strong since childhood. He used this god gift as a hobby to help few near and dear ones.

What is Tarot/ Tarot Card Reading?

Tarot card reading is the practice of using tarot cards to gain insight into the past, present or future by formulating a question, then drawing and interpreting cards.

 What Can Tarot Cards Do?

 What I have discovered from reading the Tarot cards daily for over 8 years is this:

Tarot is the storybook of our life, the mirror to our soul, and the key to our inner wisdom.

Every spiritual experience we meet in our lives can be found in the seventy-eight Tarot cards. And when we consult the Tarot, we’ll get shown the exact lessons we need to learn and master to live an inspired life. It’s like holding up a mirror to yourself so that you can access your subconscious mind.  Tarot allows us to tap into the understanding and answers that live in us all.

Astrologer Shrey shares some of his views about Astrology.

According to you what is Astrology or how do you define Astrology?

Astrology is the study of the influence that distant cosmic objects, usually stars and planets, have on human lives. The position of the sun, stars, moon and planets at the time of people’s birth (not their conception) is said to shape their personality, affect their romantic relationships and predict their economic fortunes, among other divinations.

What made you inspire to learn about Astrology or start career in Astrology?

From the beginning, I have always been a man of sense who accepts everything with reasons and logic, and puts everything in the test.

I’ve acknowledged a truth that Astrology is truly an effective and influencing science. Observing that miraculous effect that made me so optimist and free from trouble, I initiated my forward steps for acquiring profound knowledge of this incredible subject. Now I admire the importance of Astrology in life of mankind. I love astrology.

Does Astrology give reliable remedies or solutions to our problems?

It has been observed that description of remedies mentioned in Vedic scriptures of astrology, are really effective. But there are fake remedies available in market that misguides people. So always be careful from misconceptions. However, remedies mentioned through classical or traditional astrology are fully reliable you can unquestionably apply in your life but only in case if it is applied in right way.

It was wonderful to have gained so much of Knowledge from Mr. Ahluwalia.

You can also reach him and his team through

Shrey Ahluwalia

+91 9971402846

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