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Shubham Mahajan, CEO & Director of Kubic Online Edutech Private Limited, is all set for a disruption in the Edtech space:



‘Making Education access and affordable’ is the vision of a young, dynamic CEO Mr Shubham Mahajan. He is the director, Co-founder & CEO of Kubic Online Edutech Private Limited. This Edtech firm is changing the ecosystem of Education.

Shubham Mahajan firmly believes that the goals and vision of the startup are aligned with the superior vision of changing the flawed educational system in India. Despite advancements in technology and so many edtechs being functional, the accessibility and affordability factor is seldom given attention to, depriving several students of tier 2,3 & 4 cities & town of the quality education they deserve. Not only that, but the marks or grades oriented coaching system hampers the thinking capability of students to the extent that getting a seat in a college is the only goal shown to them.

Shubham says he and his managing director Mr Vaibhav Bajpai has successfully studied the pain points in the country and have developed programmes that have a maximum engagement of students and a rise in his or her interest by about 350%. The principle of continuity is being utilised here, which can be understood from the analogy of the ‘Netflix- Binge the series’, that engages and motivates you to watch more and know more.

Kubic Online Edutech Private Limited is also recognised under ‘Startup India’ & DPIIT for its unique models. They are bringing innovative courses in aeromodelling, robotics and Space education for kids. Foreign language development is one aspect that they have mainly worked closely on and are all set to provide courses for the same on kids level (discovery courses) & higher grade students or people aspiring to study or work abroad.

‘The Young CEO’s programme’ recently launched by Kubic is the latest buzz with young budding entrepreneurs getting enrolled in numbers. This programme helps you streamline your startup and enables you to understand the necessary terms & ecosystem related to startups. Apart from that, various intensive modules and case studies are carried out to make you startup ready.

“Our goal is not only to change our education system and make the same quality and technology available to all students in the country but also to generate a substantial amount of employment. It’s the backbone of the country, and as a responsible start, we have worked hard on this aspect and after a lot of deliberation have launched kubic online partner programme,” says shubham Mahajan.

Kubic Online partner programme will give exponential growth to its partner from the comfort of their homes. It is like a digital franchise given at no extra cost and no office setup or staff requirement. Kubic would also provide intensive training to all its partner regarding the same to help them perform better. In short, the aim to bring inclusive growth of the partners and startup altogether.

Since its beginning, Kubic Online has grown 2000% and has a huge active user base in its app and web portal. The Edtech market is poised to grow exponentially in the near future along with the fintech in India, and kubic online is one such startup that is breaking the status quo by integrating education & technology at a scalable level.

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