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Shuvam Panda: Graceful Soul & Majestic Leader



Mr. Shuvam Panda who is fondly known as the “Techmaniac“, a beholder of a million great qualities has never failed to amaze his admirers. He is a Microsoft Certified Web Developer and Google Certified Digital Marketer who has achieved immense success in the field of Information Technology (IT). He started his career as a freelancer and is now widely popular as a tech expert in the IT industry. He started his own company named, The UniQue Culture in the year 2013. His unique business ideas and client relationship management skills are the qualities that make him different than others. Client satisfaction is his top-most priority since the beginning. He excels in skills like web designing, development, and marketing. Amongst all the praiseworthy calibre he owns, the most appreciated one is his leadership skill

“The one who wears the crown knows the weight of it!” Leading a group of people with different job roles and personalities is a tough task and the way Mr. Shuvam Panda has handled it in the past and is continuing to do so is commendable. He has all the qualities that make him a good leader. His communication skills, confidence, strategic thinking, innovation, civic-minded personality, integrity, decisiveness, and selfless service to the people around him, all add up to the tag that he has achieved- The Best Leader!

With the experience of leading prestigious events like “Odisha Travel Bazaar 2022″, “India’s Biggest Digital Marketing Event on Facebook”, “Longest Digital Marketing Seminar in Odisha” and many more, Mr. Shuvam Panda continues to grow and shine. His goal is not confined to his personal growth only, but also the development of the whole team and company. Being a leader who is also a magnificent software developer and expert in various digital skills, he has built the career of many beginners and helped them to become successful in their lives. He is setting an example for future generations by working hard non-stop day and night with utmost passion and professionalism. Apart from his excellent leadership skills, he is also admired for his desire to be perfect. He is often referred to as Mr. Perfectionist. The practice of correcting every flaw that he notices has led him to own the best team of expert employees. The most impressive and astounding thing about him is his success at such a young age which is an inspiration to many. 

As they say, “The best is yet to come.” Surely, there is more to the never-ending list of achievements that Mr. Shuvam Panda is going to embark on his journey that the world is waiting for.

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