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Smart Home Designs LLP brings technology and design together 



We are entering a new era of technology, and its influence on our daily lives is growing. Every day, we use our phones for business, and personal purposes, and as an integral part of our daily life. Our homes are also an important part of our life, as they are a place that is uniquely ours. Many of the ways we have been living have been entirely redesigned in an age where convenience is paramount.

Technology and smart home design

While the interior design was once all about aesthetics, technology has completely revitalized and reinvented the look and concept of the industry. A smart house is a home with internet-connected gadgets that allow for remote monitoring and control of appliances and systems like lighting and heating. Smart home technology, also known as home automation, delivers security, comfort, convenience, and energy efficiency to homeowners. Furthermore, technology contributes significantly to the aesthetic value of interior design by making it more consumer-friendly and interactive. This is precisely what Smart Home Designs LLP intends to achieve. Make designs that are stylish and pleasing to the eye.

Beginnings and Journey

Ashwini Dongare, the founder and CEO of Smart Home Designs LLP, comes from humble beginnings. She was born and raised in a rural village where no one knew anything about interior design. She pursued an engineering degree after failing to gain admission to architecture after 12th grade due to her strong interest in drawing and sketching.

She invested in her passion for interior design while studying engineering, which finally helped her develop a brand with the help of her husband. Smart Home Designs LLP is a renowned interior design firm in Pune that assists in the development of residential buildings as well as providing Turnkey Project Management Services.

Her brand idea is completely focused on how our surroundings influence our thought processes. Ashwini’s mission is to produce flawless and visually pleasant home experiences and designs that are also budget-friendly by creating interior designs that are perfect linkages of both the surrounding and the person’s identity.

What distinguishes Smart Home Designs LLP from other companies?

Trust, quality and transparency are the three keywords or unique selling qualities of smart home designs LLP. Smart Home Designs LLP aspires to be a consumer-friendly brand that listens to customer feedback.  They believe that interior design and construction of a home is a very personal and contextual matter for each individual. As a result, the brand places a premium on qualities like trust and openness. Overall, the brand values quality, and they provide transparency over execution, which is something that not every company does.

There are numerous interior design firms, particularly those that are steadfastly moving into the smart and technological space domain. However, Ashwini’s brand prioritizes quality assurance throughout the process. This brand stands out from the competition due to its transparency in the estimate and on-time implementation. The company’s distinctive and customized designs are also a feature that the brand provides that is extremely consumer-friendly as well as consumer-responsive.

Finally, the brand is concerned with the advancement of those who aspire to achieve success in life. Focusing on hard work, discipline and other aspects that are exceedingly essential for interior design.

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