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“Son of Cop, who chose to not follow in Dawood’s footsteps.”



Rajesh Shindhe, a son of Police Constable is the youngest entrepreneur to be part of multiple businesses in DHARWAD city. He got his BBA degree from JSS College, Dharwad and later on went to pursue his MBA in Marketing at PES University, Bangalore.

Before starting his journey as a businessman, Rajesh worked at DNA Entertainment networks Bangalore as Stand Manager for IPL, ISL, PBL, PKL, KPL, and other sporting events & was slowly falling in love with the work of Event Management, but life had a different story written for him. He had to leave his work at DNA to come back to his hometown to look after his Uncle Late. Mr. Ashok Shindhe, who was the first person from the Shindhe family to venture into business line, and who is always considered a Great businessman, wonderful human being, social worker, and philanthropist; Sadly, the family lost him to cancer at a young age of 43. He was an inspiration & a Legacy for generations to come.

Rajesh has seen a fair amount of failures at the beginning of his career and his life. Rajesh had failed in class 11th, failed to raise funds for his very novel startup idea even after struggling for 2 years and finally had to quit fundraising. His first business Foodel a Quick Delivery Restaurant, failed even after a delivering the best of quality & service due to financial crunch, road dug up for renovations for years and many other operational difficulties.

With the support of his brother Mr. Mahesh Shindhe, who always stood by his side and was the main leading character in his & his trusted partners Mr. Avinash Kulkarni, Mr.Shrinivas Shindhe and the Philosophies of Late. Shri Ashoka Shindhe guiding who was like a light for every member of the Ashoka Family Group. Today, they are on a quest to become the most trusted Business in Dharwad and remain vital for the next 100 years and beyond.

Today the Business under Ashoka Family Group where Rajesh is CMO & Co-owner:

  1. Hotel Ashoka the Great – War Theme Restaurant
  2. Hotel Parkview inn – Lodging
  3. Dsocial – Banquet hall
  4. V L’oreal – Salon & Spa
  5. Hotel Dwarawata – Lodging
  6. Skybar – Rooftop bar & Restaurant
  7. D Social – Banquet
  8. Jurassic – Jungle theme restaurant
  9. Vijay Sales Company – Hardware and Paints
  10. Vijay Tiles & Sanitaryware
  11. Ashoka Mineral Water
  12. V Loreal – New branch

Mr. Rajesh shares that his passion is Marketing and Promoting. “It excites me when Marketing campaigns work and when I see customers and sales growth and people talking about things and recognizing the business.”

His favourite quote which has guided him towards light in every dark phase of his life is from Holy book Srimad Bhagavad Gita.
“Karmanye vadhika raste, Ma phaleshu kadachana
Ma karma phala he tur bhuh, ma te sangotsva karmanye.”


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