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INTECH PEST CONTROL is a leading Government Approved and ISO 9001 : 2015 & HACCP Certified Pest Management Company operating in Mumbai and suburban areas for the last several years. INTECH PEST CONTROL was born with a Vision to provide Safe and healthy pest free and virus free Homes, Work areas, surroundings and environment to its esteemed customers.

INTECH PEST CONTROL provides science based, systematic pest management and sanitization services by identifying specific hazards and control measures to ensure safety of residences, Society premises, Commercial premises, hospitals, food industries, work areas and environment using the safest and World Health Organization approved products, backed by Technologically sound methods of Pest management and microbial sanitization services.

Our technicians are best trained with the ability to use Pest Control methods in servicing Residences, Offices, Society Buildings, BPO’s, Hospitals, Schools, Universities, Banks, Manufacturing Facilities, Hotels, and Warehouses etc.

INTECH stands for INTEGRITY and TECHNOLOGY. Our aim is to maintain highly skilled and ethical standards. We assure to offer you Solutions for a healthy Pest Free environment. We are motivated by three simple words i.e. PROHIBIT, PREVENT, PROTECT. It stands for “PROHIBIT PESTS, PREVENT DISEASES & PROTECT YOUR PROPERTY. 

Over the years INTECH PEST CONTROL has constantly endeavored to introduce cost effective Pest Management technology for both Services and Products. We already serve more than 75000 Happy, Healthy and Satisfied Clients all over Mumbai and Thane District.

We provide services to control Cockroaches, Ants, Termites, Bedbugs, Rodents, Mosquitoes and Microbial Sanitization for Corona Virus Control Etc.

Salient Features of our SERVICES:   

  • Totally Odorless/ Non messy/ Environment Friendly.
  • No need to empty entire kitchen/premises.
  • No need to close/ vacate the premises after the service.
  • Totally harmless for human beings & pets.
  • Only registered licensed WHO approved pesticides are used.


• Be totally committed to the values of INTECH PEST CONTROL which stand for integrity and technology

• To provide safe and healthy pest control services to all

• Always use safe and approved pest control products that are harmless to human beings and pets

• To conduct pest control business using the most advanced products and technologically sound methods that are approved by the government

• Educate people about the ill effects and diseases that pests can spread through various community awareness programs at regular intervals

• Educate people about the structural damage the pests can do to their premises through various community awareness programs at regular intervals

• Spread the message through all available media that prevention is better than cure when it comes to the harmful effects the pests can create to human beings, structures and environment

• Empower everybody to prohibit pests, prevent diseases and protect their property at a reasonable and competitive rate which will be minimal compared to the value of their loved ones and property

• To continuously strive to spread health and happiness to all thereby building a lasting relationship of trust with all our clients

• To bring pest control business to a greater organised level throughout the world

About the Owner of INTECH PEST CONTROL of Dr. Oswald David. 

He is a doctor by Research Studies specializing in Biblical Studies and Counseling.  He has a Bachelor’s degree In Theology, Masters in Theology, and Masters in Divinity and also has completed Masters in Clinical Psychology. Currently he is also pursuing research studies in Clinical Psychology.

CEO of INTECH PEST CONTROL an ISO 9001:2015 Certified company and India’s 2nd HACCP Certified company. Having 5 branches and serving more than 75000 satisfied residential clients and around 100 corporate clients.

He is also the founder and an Ordained Reverend and Pastor of PEOPLE’S REVIVAL CHURCH based in Dombivli.

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