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Sri Vamsi Andukuri – A success reveal by the Techfounder genius



As a diamond in the world of technology and his marvelous application methodology made Mr. Sri Vamsi Andukuri, a successful entrepreneur. He is the Founder and CEO of One Sea Technologies & Founding Member & CTO of the Darts Block Chain.

What is blockchain and how technology is associated with that?  Blockchain I s the process of recording information in a unique way to make it secure from outside disturbances like change, cheating, or hacking the system . Cryptocurrency can be one of the best applications to use blockchain practically with great success.  

This was just the starting and many complex tasks embraced the service list of the organization that takes care of all types of projects in the respective field to make it done with perfection and quality for the ultimate client satisfaction. locks.

He has been building applications in blockchain and crypto for the past 6 years and has become a successful entrepreneur. Scaling his business across dozens of countries with various business leaders and social icons with his earned skillset .  

Creative innovation in software development gave the origin for Onesea Technologies which can have a focused approach to solving unmatched projects in the technological Industry. His organizations take pride to serve quality assured IT services to companies in need of AI, big data, etc.

His achievement is expressed in a real award for his hard-core effort in the field of evolving technology:

  • He is being awarded Most Prominent CTO of the year 2021 From GBA.
  • Mr. Sri Vamsi Andukuri has been awarded the Pride Of Hyderabad award by the Telangana government via the hands of V. C. Sajjanar, who was the Additional Director General of Police (ADGP) of Telangana, now serving as managing director of Telangana State Road Transport Corporation.

Mr. Vamsi is now based in India focusing on Multiple Crypto based projects Like Darts Blockchain, Wink Finance, Multiverse 2 &  Pluto Crat that can impact the Industrial sector to the extreme benefit in years to come.

Mr. Sri Vamsi Andukuri is assisting businesses to enhance the hike up a graph of revenue and optimizing cost by the trigger of emerging technology.  He is a multi-skill holder personality with focused traits of action. Are you making up, your mind to get your company supported by the above-mentioned services? What are you waiting for? visit  or

to grab your part of the sky on time!

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