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Chetan Jangid is a 22 year old entrepreneur who has came from a small town Sanchore,Jalore Rajasthan and has made all the way to the heights in the phone industry.

His story is a really motivating one. After passing his 12th exams he left studies and went to jaipur in search of job. After struggling for some time he finally got a job in a product selling company and after a year due to a bike accident he was on bed rest for 3 months and lost his job.

Then he went to Ahmedabad for job and after 6-7months because of some arguements with his boss he left the job. After that he worked in manglore for 3-4months through a friends reference but the weather didn’t let him settle there so than he got a job through his relatives in Delhi but at this point he was fed up of all this job tensions.So he finally decided to quit his job and start something of his own.

He stareted searching and thinking what is in demand in market and where he can get it at cheapest price. After some researching he started selling iphones through whatsapp status. He was selling around 2-3 phones in a month which was only enough for his basic living. Than he made some good contacts int his field ant started to buy bulk orders and did wholesale work.

But struggles were always a part of his life and than came a big one, Covid Lockdown. It felt like all of his work went in vain and everything was back to square 1. But he is a taker and achiever so he didn’t gave up and thought of innovating something in the same field and thought of opening a retail store and after some research work for a location to open the store he opened his first store in Jodhpur in 2021.

With all his hard work and dedication he won the trust and heart of his customers. And with time he was able to notice the growth in his work but problems are a part of life and he fought all of them everytime. Today he has 3 Apple authorized stores in Jaipur and Jodhpur. And he aims to open more stores nationwide.

INFINTY is a now a brand.He deals in all apple products.

This is a living proof of how you can achieve great success no matter where you come from and how qualified you are,it is your passion and dedication  towards the work that matters.

All of his hard work and and passion towards the work is now paying off.

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