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“Strong Women, Stronger Foundation”



“Strong Women, Stronger Foundation”Image

Empowering women empowers an individual, a family, and the whole country. Today, women in the country and abroad are celebrating the glory of victory in multiple fields. Keeping this in mind, today we introduce you to a company, “Shekunj,” which works for women’s health, education, and prosperity. In a conversation with Mr. Rahul Bhargava, the Director of Shekunj shared that Shekunj has trained more than 18,700 women in digital generation courses in which Digital Marketing, Human Resources, Graphic Designing, etc. are the major ones. Today, Shekunj is working in multiple states in the country. Within a year, more than 1 lakh 90 thousand women have registered with Shekunj.

It was a pleasure to know during the conversation with Mr. Rahul that through their website, Shekunj is also guiding women for careers, solving personal issues, and supporting them for business. Government schemes and other information are also there, which is of utmost importance for a woman entrepreneur to know.

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