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Struggling means Progressing: The story of Anshul Thakur



Social media platforms have seen a staggering increase in the user base in the great years, especially during the pandemic. This provides floodgates of opportunities for brands to leverage themselves through the influence of social media. Anshul Thakur, who made his way as a successful social media influencer, created a road to his success that many thought impossible. He started his business journey at a very young age and hopped on the rapidly growing internet technology in the 21st century. 

 Anshul was born in Darbhanga, Bihar, and now he resides in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. While pursuing a bachelor of Computer Application from DAVV University, foreseeing the tremendous opportunities ahead, Anshul decided to begin his influencer marketing agency. Anshul realised that an average office job was not done for him. At a tender age of nurturing dreams with aspirations and hopes, Anshul Thakur leaped, achieving them. That clicked with Anshul Thakur, and he decided to go digital. He had decided to struggle hard on the Social Media platform for a soon-to-be successful profession. 

 Being an avid tech and social media freak, Anshul Thakur knew all the social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Anshul created his account on Facebook in 2017 and later on Twitter and Instagram. Having relatable and inherently humorous posts, users could relate to him, and Anshul’s account has seen an influx of followers over the years. He felt ecstatic on that day as his dreams would be true. Vendors were approaching him to influence their campaigns. He worked as an influencer from 2018 to 2021, gaining valuable insights into the business prospects. The time between 2018 and 2021 was life-changing for Anshul Thakur. He was very passionate about his dreams and has never backed down since. 

 After working as an influencer for three years, Anshul decided to go higher and established Grand MediaTech, a fully functional digital marketing and influencer marketing agency. He had successfully taken another definite step toward his way to succeed. His optimism, speedy concession, and sharp mind helped him to grow more in his way. Anshul was determined to plunge into the depths of influencer marketing at the tender age of 20. Grand Media tech is a leading social media marketing and Influencer marketing agency in India. 

 Grand Media Tech is a Twitter marketing agency where ideas come together with trends. It is one of the best Social Media influencer marketing in India. The different aspects of Grand Media Tech are Digital Advertising, E-commerce Marketing, Twitter Marketing, social media marketing, and meme marketing, Political campaigns, advertisement, SEO, SMO. Grand Media Tech is the fruit that sprouted after years of hard work and struggle. 

 Grand Media Tech saw itself among well-known brands and political and celebrity clients, all willing to collaborate and more than satisfied with the quality campaigns. Today Grand Media Tech has spearheaded among the most sought-after agencies in no time. He quickly understood the monetary benefits packed with the establishment. Anshul has led promotional projects to build a significant digital marketing reputation. 

 Anshul Thakur believes every aspiring business should have easy access to social media marketing, and Grand Media Tech is striving to reach out to every such entity. With the dream of everyone gain access to the Digital media marketing platform, Anshul forged ahead into an apparently bright future. Anshul has taken a leap of faith, and we believe he has miles to soar ahead. That is just a beginning of an inspiring chapter.

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