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Syndiora: An Iconic Brand Inspired By Sustainability 



Diamonds have long been the most sought-after gemstones worldwide. We must admit that we all love diamonds. A lot of people are now turning to lab-grown diamonds as a popular alternative due to their possibility of having the same beauty and properties as a mined diamond in a more sustainable and eco-friendly manner.

Despite not being produced in the conventional, old-fashioned manner, they have a physical structure and chemical make-up identical to those of a natural diamond. They look like natural diamonds, emanating the same sparkle and shine. The only distinction is that they are created in a lab as opposed to a mine.

Lab-grown diamonds are only one of the innumerable products that modern technology makes possible, and it continually enhances human existence. One such brand, that is maintaining transparency, creativity, and sustainability through its exotic jewellery pieces is Syndiora. Ms Ankita Gupta, the founder of Syndiora was keen to offer an impressive range of Lab-grown diamond jewellery with an epitome of true intricacy post her diploma in the field. She is a gemmologist and a diamond graduate who single-handedly started her brand so that every woman can experience the rich luxury diamond offers in a more sustainable way.

On what provoked her to venture into the lab-grown diamond jewellery industry, Ms. Ankita Gupta said: “Diamonds are hardly traceable. We pick lab-grown diamonds because they are completely conflict-free and flawless as they are produced using cutting-edge technology that mimics the actual chemical process that occurs in nature.” She further says that a large part of her success is attributed to her father who supported her through thick and thin.

The goal of the brand is to provide access to diamond dazzle for more folks, more frequently. The production process of the brand is being regularly improved in order to produce jewellery with stones that are larger, better, and more reasonably priced. Each and every piece of jewellery at Syndiora is a perfect example of elegance. Due to their dedication to their work, they have maintained their reputation and attractiveness for years, placing them at the top. Syndiora takes pride in its adaptability, which is shown in both its designs and lasting appeal.

Consumers today anticipate a few things from brands, particularly with the exponential rise in internet sales since the pandemic; they look for a faster, better, smoother journey from introduction to a product/service through purchase to after-purchase assistance. Keeping this in mind, Ms.Ankita Gupta focused only on offering the jewels from her e-commerce store exclusively. In just a short span of time, Syndiora has become a popular luxury brand for lab-grown diamond jewellery. Recent testimony to its success is the Global excellence Brand of the year award that Syndiora has received among others.

Customers have always liked Syndiora because of its extensive selection of luxury collections. Besides, it is among the greatest online selling companies for lab-grown diamond jewellery. What are you waiting for? Hit on their online store and grab your piece now!

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