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OyeCare Pharma opens 2nd outlet in Rajkot, Gujarat. Inaugurates office.



OyeCare Pharma & Clinic first company outlet & office started in Patna Bihar in 2019, now OyeCare Pharma & Clinic inaugurates it’s 2nd company outlet & office in rajkot gujarat. Now the nearest people will get all types of world standard primary care at upto 500₹ only and high quality medicines at affordable price. OyeCare Pharma & Clinic, Founder & CEO – Dr. A R Anand said – A strong & talented team is working in both company outlet & office to run the company properly. Half of the official work will be done from patna company outlet & office and half of the official work will be done from rajkot gujarat company outlet & office.

Dr. A R Anand is currently doing his doctorate from PDU Medical College, Rajkot Gujarat. His heathcare & other skill is very high and his company management capacity is also very high. He is expert in his startup due to his struggle behind OyeCare Pharma & Clinic since last 3 years. Now OyeCare Pharma & Clinic is a most successful startup in healthcare industry.

At one time Dr. A R Anand could not get the franchise of Apollo Clinic, India’s most valuable retail healthcare brand, due to lack of investment capacity of 2.5 to 3 crores. He was deeply saddened by this behavior of Apollo Clinic company. But an incident with a child in 2019 exposed his to self-medication and expansive medicine, two of the biggest problems in the retail healthcare industry. Later he came to know that about 60% of the population of the country is affected by these two problems. Whose solution was all types of world standard primary care & affordable medicine. He took quick decision and started Oyecare Pharma & Clinic company outlet & office in Patna Bihar in 2019 with only 17 lakhs investment. Now 2nd company outlet & office in rajkot gujarat. Today OyeCare Pharma & Clinic is better than Apollo Clinic and most valuable brand in retail healthcare industry.
Currently OyeCare Pharma & Clinic is running in 60+ cities of India with kiosk & mega franchise outlet and serving the thousands of people on daily basis. Last year OyeCare Pharma & Clinic has served million of people of India and created 200+ jobs directly & indrectly in retail healthcare industry. if anyone wants to start OyeCare Pharma & Clinic franchise outlet, click on below link for more details from company  or

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