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Tea And Herbs, Daily Habit – Healthy Habit



Tea is often cursed and sunned. But a number of discoveries about the health benefits of tea to the fore. After water, Tea is the most common beverage in the world. Known as the cup of cheers, tea is also an age-old remedy for common ailments. Mixed with natural herbs and spices it can be a wonder.

What Is Tea?

Tea or chai is an aromatic beverage prepared by pouring hot or boiling water over cured or fresh leaves of Camellia sinensis, an evergreen shrub native to East Asia which probably originated in the borderlands of southwestern China and northern Myanmar. Tea is also rarely made from the leaves of Camellia aliens.

We at LIPTOUCH TEA focus on making our India healthy and fit India. As we all know tea is our daily habit when we are at home we drink tea, when we are at our workplace we drink tea, when we are on vacation we drink tea, when we are happy we drink tea and when we are sad we drink tea. Tea has become a part of our daily habits. So we thought why not blend some herbs that are good for health and can improve our lifestyle? Because we drink tea on daily basis just little herbs are added to the same tea and we are on. That’s where we came in seeing we blended some Herbs and tasted them, and the result was just unexpected. My mouth was full of aroma and our energy level us up.

We have some best Teas on our online platform,

Blueberry Tea- Blueberry tea can offer a number of excellent health benefits, which may include its potential ability to protect against cancer, strengthen heart health, increase bone density, and boost the immune system. It also helps prevent macular degeneration, improve cognitive function, and improve kidney health. Drinking blueberry tea can be a wise choice for anyone experiencing the symptoms of cataracts, low immunity, dementia, Alzheimer’s, kidney infections, high cholesterol, hypertension, osteoporosis, low metabolism, nutrient deficiencies, and anemia.

Tulsi Tea- Tulsi Green tea naturally supports the immune system and cardiovascular systems and promotes detoxification and anti-aging. Clinical studies show that both Tulsi & Green Tea promote healthy metabolism, which is vital to weight management. Keeps You Going – Boosts Stamina, Tulsi Green Tea contains natural herbs good for health. Clinical studies show that both Tulsi & Green Tea promote healthy metabolism which is vital to weight management.

Turmeric Ginger- Reduces nausea and morning sickness. Reduces inflammation. Boosts immunity. Skin Glow Relief from a muscle pull, joint pain, back pain, or arthritis pain

And many more we have invented, we have more than 50 herbs in Tea that can be your daily life part. I will suggest trying our teas making it a daily habit and seeing the results. Forget old type drinking tea try it today.

By- Sumit Samajder (Founder & MD) Liptouch Foods And beverages Pvt. Ltd.

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