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“10X Game Plan: Automate Business for Iconic Success w/ Satyendra Nath Jee”



As more and more organizations realized the significant productivity and cost savings benefits, they began looking for new and improved automation ideas to simplify complex business problems. This led to the development of digital process automation solutions. Digital process automation solutions allow organizations to leverage digital technology to automate one or more tasks involved in a business process. It achieves this by using advanced technologies like machine learning (ML), robotic process automation (RPA), and artificial intelligence (AI).

Scaling your business occurs when your company has all of the resources, funding, and a high-performance cultural environment in place to handle an increase in sales, profits, and organization goals. A company has begun to scale when its growth is not hampered by structural or insufficient resources when faced with increased production, whether in the context of finance or business strategy. 

In layman’s terms, scalability is a company’s ability to manage production and fulfillment challenges while increasing profits, i.e. increasing profit margins while decreasing costs and expenses as the company grows. 

What’s the idea of Business Automation? 

Business process automation reduces or removes human intervention to make business workflows simpler, faster, and more accurate. It focuses on the entire process rather than individual tasks, which helps strengthen performance, KPIs, and outcomes—and results in fewer errors, happier customers, and lower costs.

Business automation idea is to execute the power of technology to rise your company’s sales, production or services and ultimately to improve revenue and business expansion. It enables your company to automate and perform routine tasks without wasting valuable resources and time to achieve more in less time. 

For example, automating simple tasks such as lead generation, conversion tracking, sales reports, customer engagement, email marketing, order tracking, and so on will free up your team’s time and allow them to focus on more productive and fulfilling other tasks. 

What is an example of business automation? 

The introduction of mobile recharge or utility apps similar to Google or phone pay is a good example of business automation designed with the customer in mind. Instead of going to the bank and waiting in que for hours, customers can simply complete financial transactions from their phones. 

Marketing automation tools enable you to send highly targeted messages to leads while also shortening the marketing cycle. Through helpful emails, follow-ups, social media engagement, and other methods, automated lead nurturing helps you build relationships with customers. To determine when they are truly ready to sell. 

 Advantage of Business Automation 

Business process automation aids in the elimination of human labour, which results in lost time and revenue. These are more advantages of automating business processes.

 It helps in

  • Accelerating everyday operations 
  • Practicing Faster decision making
  • Eliminating process bottlenecks 
  • Reducing human errors and risks  
  • Minimizing manual/paper-based processes.

Regardless of your industry or company’s strategy here are my “Top 10 Powerful Secrets” that can scale your business with automation: 

1x. Is Your Organization Ready for Automation ?

Dear business owner, before starting to implement the business automation process you should know can it run without YOU ? This is the first question you need to ask yourself again and again. Undoubtedly the primary goal of automating your business is to increase its growth and scalability. Nonetheless, it is critical to understand the precise results and achievements you seek from the automation system. Know what you want to accomplish with automation like Marketing, sales, product or development,finance,supply chain, IT, general business functions or customer support.

2x. Create An Action Plan 

Setting progressive goals and expectations for the various processes you want to automate will allow for quick and measurable growth. However, don’t set unrealistic expectations or compare what your competitor is doing. 

3x. Use Automation Where it Can Be Worth Doing

To truly scale your business and start getting the results you want, you must prioritize the processes that are critical to your company’s day to day operations. However, think outside the box or don’t think their is a box I say. Every business has numerous areas that can be automated. Make a list of all the manual tasks you perform by yourself or by your team.

4x. Create a Growth Assessment Tracker 

Because you’ll need to track your progress in order to make informed decisions and make necessary adjustments, make sure you have a predefined list to help you measure accurately. By checking your list periodically, you can quickly identify which parts of your business automation are working as planned, which needs more improvement and which should be discontinued. 

5x. Use Technology 

The automation tools/platforms you choose should be based on the business process you’re attempting to automate. For example, different dedicated platforms exist for sales, marketing, finance, customer service, delivery, and production processes. 

For Example :

  • Use CRM software for managing your clients, team, task management for tracking project status and analyzing reports.
  • Zapier is a wonderful tool to automate your social ad conversation to invoicing and other flows.
  • Send an auto text messaging or emailing for customer reviews or sign-up formalities.
  • Use Auto Email or WhatsApp Responder to minimize typing the same text again and again. Install AI chat bots on websites those work much faster 24×7.
  • Use Social Media Auto Scheduling application for posting regular contents at specific time.

6x. Follow The 80-20  Rule

The 80/20 rule is a tried-and-true people management concept that appears to be gaining popularity these days. From research it shows 20 % of your employees do 80% of the work in your company. Focus on these 20% employees and train them hard to hone the other 80%. There are many ways to apply this rule in managing your employees and getting things done faster and better. 

7x. Use Premade Templates 

Using standardized “plug and play” legal templates to quickly populate the relevant variables. Depending on the integrations you use, this could also be automated, as you can pull data from your other apps to populate your contract!

8x. Create Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

A healthy business must have standard operating procedures (SOPs). 

SOPs are detailed instructions that outline how to complete business processes. Having SOPs on hand makes it much easier to onboard new team members and delegate tasks as your company grows. The quicker team members can get up and running, the greater their impact on your business.

9x. Automate Your Onboarding Processes

The repetitive nature of onboarding tasks makes them ideal for automation. After all, many new employees in a company will go through the same training and require similar reminders. By automating as much of the back-end onboarding process as possible, you free up your HR team’s time and provide a more seamless experience for new employees.

10x. Consult Business Automation Expert 

if you want to know how you can scale by applying the most advanced strategies that can automate your business and yield 10X more revenue this year, then get in touch with India’s iconic Digital Marketer ( Satyaa10x )  Mr. Satyendra Nath Jee,Co-founder of

Satyaa’s Pro Tip : Don’t use your brain for keeping track of your to-do list. That’s a waste of a magnificent mind. A proper system for managing your tasks can free up a lot of mental bandwidth by not making you remember things. 

As your business evolves and new technology is invented, be on the lookout for new ways to automate. As you add new tasks to your business, consider how you might automate them. Before giving anything up to save time, consider automating it.

Finally, make sure to review your automation systems periodically. Make sure they are working as you want them to and that they still serve you.

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