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“Hostel Daze S3: A hilarious Hindi online drama with sharper content – must-watch!”



One of the few online series in the Indian digital content market that had continued to be of high quality beyond the first season was Hostel Daze. The third season was therefore destined to be the actual test. This year, the difficulty increased due to the absence of the main character, Adarsh Gourav. Additionally, it is not made any simpler by the fact that there are many comparable shows on other platforms. However, Hostel Daze season 3 is a huge success. It is undoubtedly one of the most excellent online series in Hindi, mixing hilarity with insightful pop culture allusions, sharp one-liners, and the depth of emotions seldom seen in university dramas.

The dynamics of the dormitory are different when the third year of engineering college begins for our bunch in season three of the program. One difference is that Utsav Sarkar, who took over for Adarsh in the first two seasons, is now Ankit. The way they introduced Utsav as Ankit in the opening scene—significantly a la Crown—won me over for the program. It is a humorous meta-scenario that merits praise. The program contains several meta, nearly breaking-the-fourth-wall moments that deserve praise. Most of them are probably only going to show up on a second watch.

Its writing is the show’s main draw. No joke is unfunny. The pop culture references are fantastic, and the one-liners are cleverer than anything currently available on the Indian web. Everything finds a home in the writing and does so in a creative way, from Shark Tank to Sidhu Moosewala. Even though it starts off that way, it’s not all foolish laughs. The season’s first episode is the poorest because it sets the stage for the other episodes. It is slower and funnier than the others because of this. However, it eventually also becomes endearing.

The third season of Hostel Daze focuses more on maturing than it does on blending in. Now, the hostel is their realm, not some unknown location. But the youngsters are beginning to understand that the hard truths of adulthood are now just around the bend for them. This show is relatable because they desire to seize the opportunity. Whether you lived in a dorm or not, it will transport you back to your college days. In November, Prime Video’s third season debuted.

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