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The exhilarating and enlivening life story of an eminent artist: Gourav Jamwal



Gourav Jamwal, a true artist and a dreamer always wants to do something of his own. He wants to enjoy and live his life by doing what he loves the most.  From the early college days, Gourav wants to pursue his career in DJing but due to some financial reasons, could not do so. One day, he decided to work hard to get some money in his hands so that he will able to buy some equipment for DJing. We all know that these instrumental equipment costs a lot. After college, he tried to grasp some tattoo skills only to become financial stable in order to follow his passion one day. With the passage of time, his hard work and the long days of working turned him into a successful tattoo artist of these days. He was getting financially stable with days, then he decisively turned up with the mind of following his passion. Being a tattoo artist, one day he got the opportunity to perform in a party organized by Derniercri at Anutham Hotel and Resorts. The founder of Derniercri is Devrshi Krishna Sharma who is well versed in organizing grand neon parties. In Devrshi’s party, his performance got a huge hype with the crowd of 300 plus. In this era of talented artists, he has earned well classed instruments, necessary for the DJing party through his backbreaking work and great determination. It is a true saying success does not come in hands by choosing easy ways. Hard work and true enthusiasm lead a person to the top heights of success. Gourav, at a time, only desired to become a DJ artist but with the grace of God, through his determination and work today, he is one of the renowned tattoo artists in the state of J&K. There is a saying that behind every eminent man, there is a woman and that woman can be in the form of his wife, his best friend. Behind Gourav’s success too, his wife and best friend played a very great role. Their continuous support in his hard times, actually pushed his to work hard. Divya Kapoor, his wife, who is very eminent and popular tattoo artist, played a great role behind his success. She supported him a lot in reefing his tattoo skills and always motivated him towards his passion. She once said to him, you are allowed to forget everything except your passion. Because having passion about something is the one and the only thing which defines the actual you. Following your passion is a very difficult and courageous work but whoever follows their actual path, will never regret about something in their life because they are living that life which they actually desire for. Gourav went through a lot of struggles in his life, but all of those were just a phase of life that were left behind when the right time has come. Gourav liked to take challenges in his life by virtue of which he is today a famous tattoo artist and an exceptional DJ Artist in the town of Jammu. 

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