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“Finest Rotogravure Printing Cylinders by Primetech Gravures by Dhiraj Singh.”



“First impressions are lasting impressions.”

Initial impressions count for a lot; they can either make or break your brand, as your product’s packaging frequently serves as the consumer’s first exposure. As a result, packing should always be taken into consideration by producers. Numerous factors contribute to the value of product packaging, which may help provide a favorable first impression and enduring brand loyalty. Primetech, one of the first businesses to recognize the significance of specialized packaging solutions, set out to do so by creating its gravure printing cylinder.

The founder of Primetech Gravures India Pvt. Ltd., situated in Ghaziabad, helps and inspires young people to be successful entrepreneurs, Dhiraj Singh, is an entrepreneur, a public personality, and a social activist. Alongside, Dhiraj Singh is the Founder of Primetech Gravures India Pvt. Ltd. in Ghaziabad, India, Viable Automation in Noida, India, and LUNO IT Infrastructure in Dubai. Even after acquiring fame and success, Dhiraj Singh is humble and down to earth.

Coming from a Chapter in Bihar, Dhiraj Kumar, also known as Dhiraj Singh, started his entrepreneurial adventure in India before expanding to the international market. He has created to promote himself as a worldwide brand after finding success with numerous Indian firms. He works to raise social consciousness and provides low-income households in his home state of Bihar with financial support so they may live better lives.

He started by making the best of what he had. He thought about young people through podcasts, social media posts, and blogs. He made this choice mostly for educational purposes since he is passionate about helping children learn and develop. His most recent podcast, which starts with the hashtag “New Podcast,” can be followed on Twitter. He leads, inspires, and mentors young people from small towns interested in entrepreneurship. He leads them on to the proper path and helps them become well-known entrepreneurs in this trendy era of entrepreneurship in 2022. He supports creating businesses and selects the sectors with the highest growth rates. He genuinely wants to support the development of young people.

With top-notch equipment and a knowledgeable technical team, Primetech Gravures modern technologies to offer its clients the finest services. They provide their customers with the greatest service possible because they have made a name for themselves as one of India’s top manufacturers of Rotogravure Printing Cylinders.

Their proper aptitude and attitude distinguish their excellence in the gravure printing cylinder. Primetech provides adaptable gravure printing solutions using the finest cylinders and inks in the printing sector. The staff at Primetech makes sure that the customer is informed of all relevant information and the project’s status.

With its top-notch services, Primetech foresees the growth and evolution of the printing and packaging industries. As they are expanding internationally, there will be new prospects for growth. “We aspire to become one of the largest global producers of gravure cylinders with the help of our dedicated team and their hard work.” said the founders.

The goal of Primetech is to keep clients satisfied while going above and beyond to provide them with excellence. We value integrity and harmony. Therefore, we aim to create a company that offers fixes for all printing-related issues.

Dhiraj Singh put a lot of effort into his achievement and now encourages others to do the same. To get more in-depth information and test their luck in any of these fields, one can follow Dhiraj Singh. He remains up to date on prospectively profitable job openings.

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