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Pranay Khanna: Model Turned Entrepreneurial Success



Pranay Khanna is a name not unknown to folks of Tiruchirappalli and Chennai. He has been consistent in keeping up with the trends of social media and encouraging user engagement through his Instagram account. Fond of getting photographed a kid, Pranay ventured into the world of modelling in Chennai. He modelled and campaigned for brands like Max, H&M and theatre advertisements for popular fitness chain Talwalkers.

Before entering the world of modelling, Pranay attended Campion and Montfort School in Tiruchirappalli. Throughout his academic life, not only was he a consistent student but was also a keen participant in extracurricular activities. Being fond of interacting with people, he often MC’d events in school and went on to become the President of the Interact Club as well as the House Captain. He went on to pursue a Bachelors in Business Administration from the reputed SRM University, Chennai.

Once out of school and college, Pranay realised that the world was his turf. He went on to intern at various prestigious organizations such as JP Morgan and JB Khanna Pictures Pvt. Ltd. Being a people’s person from childhood, he carved a niche for himself as an impeccable sales person through his internships.

With enthusiasm to grow and make a name for himself, Pranay started a meme page on Instagram by the name of ‘HighBr0’ which gained immense recognition during the first Covid-19 lockdown. He built the page to immense popularity and a consistent following of 1M. Having an entrepreneurial mindset, he eventually ended up selling his page for a high profit margin and moved on to the next phase in life.

Despite the fierce competition on social media, Pranay has been able to maintain a consistent number of followers and viewers by consistently producing content that encourages audience interaction. His page has been effective in partnering with different brands to promote them, and as a result, has been able to collaborate with Tiktok for their various materials.

Pranay strives forward with his exceptional effort and performance in the goal of reaching bigger heights. Many other content creators who are just beginning to work in social media find inspiration in him.

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