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Tushar Sharma’s Success: Perseverance Rewarded



Coming from a technical background, Tushar Sharma represents and stands for those who, because of an unconventional background, are unable to stick to what their true passion is. He is an inspiration to all those, who wish to fulfil their dreams despite all odds.  His passion, which he once dreamed of as a child, led him to begin writing. Born in Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh to Mr Arun Sharma Retd GM of H.P state Agriculture and rural dev Bank and Smt Rajneesh Sharma Retd teacher from govt school H.P.  Tushar had no idea that at any point in his life, he would change careers. One would be astounded at how his life’s course has changed. He did his schooling at Guru Nanak Mission Public School Paonta Sahib (H.P) and his educational background includes a B.Tech in IT from Kurukshetra University, an MBA in Marketing from Symbiosis Pune, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Blockchain from IIT Kanpur. Up to this point, he has done well in everything he has attempted. Due to his dedication to his duties, he was appointed CEO of TrigoBlockchain Inc UK. by HO.

He is well-known for his wise advice and made a name for himself by offering a variety of viewpoints on spirituality and other subjects. Through his incredible writing, which not only touched readers’ emotions but also became a best-seller on Amazon in Asian literature, he also made an erudite impression on readers. People who read his book “Journey towards the Square Mountain” which came out as an inspiration to him while fighting his own life battle during a serious illness of which now he has talked about in a few public interviews.  And after recovering he wanted to give that message to everyone. That, yes you can achieve your dreams in life, no matter what hardships life throws at you, If I can do it so can you.  The way he formulated the story and weaved the wisdom elements in it, readers trust his work and understand his viewpoints on several issues about the core concepts of ‘Life’ which makes it an outstanding work in the realm of self-help books, ‘Aragon Streak’ is his pen name that his readers are familiar with. The impact of his statements was also covered in other newspaper articles. In his leisure time, he also enjoys writing poetry, and he intends to publish a book on the subject shortly. In addition to being well-known in the literature community, he is also well-known in the technical community. As a worldwide keynote speaker and expert in Web 3.0 and metaverse technologies, he has proven his ability to convey understanding to listeners’ minds and hearts accurately. He never let the fact that he came from a diverse background stop him from having ambitious dreams. He didn’t only let his creativity and curiosity permeate his work. He is also well-known to a large number of people due to his participation in numerous DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) striving to improve the future of the technology space. His inclusion on Google News is another one of his accomplishments. His enthusiasm has also driven him to become a contributing member of the Authors Guild of Himachal Pradesh, a parallel run of, the Authors Guild of India, a group of writers created by former Indian President Dr Shankar Dayal Sharma.

He has never exaggerated how certain he is in his ability to reach the top and you will find him as a humble commoner. The way his Amazon best-seller book has touched the lives of people globally and has inspired them, along with the power and influence that his work possesses he deserves to be included in the top 100 influential people list for 2022. He has spoken with folks suffering from a variety of problems. And how his book helped them persevere through it, as well as the amount of peace and love it infused into their lives. Because of the author’s distinctive writing style and the way he structured the book, readers were given the impression that the story was actually taking place, they felt as if the character have come to life and are actually talking with them to make their lives better. In his early writing days, he was also considered a successful author for Telecom, where all of his pieces were read on Google News and had up-to-date market analysis and predictions for the whole telecom industry. He firmly believes that learning should continue throughout life, and he has continued to educate himself in many ways. Along with learning old spiritual traditions, he also learned numerous therapeutic techniques in monasteries and ashrams in the Himalayan region. His life reflects that no matter where you come from and no matter what you have gone through in life, you should not let it stop them from achieving your goals.

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