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THE GUIDING BEE – How To Find The Right Career For You



A few times in life, you are faced with the daunting task of choosing a career. For many, it’s an exciting time where new possibilities open up before them, and their future becomes more apparent. But for others, this stressful time leaves them paralyzed by uncertainty and worry about making the wrong decision. Mr. Nakul Maheshwari saw this firsthand during India’s recent economic slowdown and thought up the idea of The Guiding Bee. Now, it has taken on clients all over India who need help finding their dream job.


A Lockdown Idea turned into a startup,

The guiding bee is about supporting the young generation towards a better future. They focus on giving their customers the right advice, with their more than a hundred mentors from PAN India who have excelled in their lives.

Dreamless living is comparable to a year without summer. Dreaming is not just for kids. It’s for everyone who has some ambition in life and focuses on reaching great heights in their career. The Guiding Bee is here to provide the best possible education for young minds. The program focuses on three key areas: academics, mental health, and personality enhancement.

It’s important that children are prepared not only academically but also mentally and emotionally in order to be successful in life. For this reason, The Guiding Bee stresses a holistic approach that includes counselling services and various other activities that allow students to explore their interests outside of traditional academic endeavors.


There are so many career choices today that it is very difficult for students, their parents, and teachers to be updated on the latest developments in various areas.

That’s why the idea of the Guiding Bee was found, where they focus on each student and their special need to give an impulse to their career because life is a race and one needs to be ready for each situation. For a student, their career is one of the most significant decisions. The Guiding Bee brings you the sweet nectar of success. Mentoring and guiding young minds is their aim.

A new study finds that “mentoring” can positively affect young people. It provides support, guidance, and advice for their future plans in education and career choices. Career counsellors provide this service from the Guiding Bee.

It also helps to motivate them to take more responsibility for themselves and others as they develop an understanding of the meaning of mentorship. The Guiding Bee also provides various services such as career counselling, mentorship sessions, college selection, personalized college form filling assistance, and mock personal interviews.


Mr. Nakul Maheshwari is a young entrepreneur and founder of The Guiding Bee. His career started at age 15 when he organised an charity event with sponsorship from the TAJ group and got certified for his negotiation skills by Google. Nakul is also a certified Stock market analyst from BSE.

Nakul was born into a business family, and it was his childhood dream to follow in their footsteps. He knew he wanted to be an Entrepreneur since he was young and loved how hardworking his father had always been.

The Guiding Bee has come far since its start date, but there have also been many hardships along the way. The company is focused on helping children succeed academically. It’s been around two years since he started his company, and until now, it has been a beautiful one. He loves the day-to-day hustle, downfalls, and then patting his knees back and standing up and waking up every day with the motivation to bring a change. And he hopes it will become more beautiful as time goes on.

Over time, there have been significant changes to the educational system. In order to succeed in this constantly changing world, it is important for children to have a strong foundation of knowledge and skills. With such the highest stakes in their future, it is important for kids to find something that they are passionate about as well as skilled at.

Guiding Bee helps them find a path that fits their interests, strengths, and skillsets so they can be more successful in life. Get the education and support you need to reach your full potential. Let Guiding Bee’s hands-on learning help you on your journey to success.



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