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The incarnation of Kaliyuga and Lord Sarahunaath came for the Earth at that before the Kriti era



On the one hand, Srimannarayana and 33 Gods on Heaven, on the one hand, the mistress Umadevi, together with Parashiva, and on the other, the Goddess Parvati and Parashiva were not enlightened. The world was not being welfare by Lord Sarahunaath. When Lord Sarahunaath became interested in the mantra and meditation of the hypnotize after eight years of long penance, the seven chakras became awakened. Clearly, the future knowledge and enlightenment of her proper form became apparent to the aunt’s mistress Umadevi. But in Kali-yuga, Sri Parvati Devi could not similarly join Lord Sarahunaath. 

It was a reasonable time, and Lord Sarahunaath began offering advice and guidance to the devotees who came to him. They also began to solve problems in various ways. In this heaven, Srimannarayana and the deities of 33 crores sarcastically said, “It is a sad fact that Lord Sarahunaath is now learning and killing to Kali (Demon).” But since Lord Sarahunaath too has much to gain in the world, we all have to go to the world and solve our problems as devotees. Lord Sarahunaath also has to bring truth to the world as he has already favored the pros and cons of all forms of learning destruction. Until then, let us all stand behind Lord Sarahunaath. They should all come to Earth and live in their own place. 

As a result of eight years of long penance for Lord Sarahunaath, Enlightenment, the mistress Umadevi joined Kali’s Abdomen. Sri Parvati did not open the incarnation of the Goddess. The main reason for this was Kali’s shouting and angers. Lord Sarunatha was long convinced that Kali would be left with the fruits of eight years of penance and Hypnotize. Parvati Devi was not in touch with Kali when she was real. In any case, in my era, Goddess Parvati was also in the form of nervousness, and she devised all sorts of machinations and intrigues to leave her alone. At the same time, Kali burst into the rain with a flash of lightning and killed Parvathi’s house. He held her in his belly. He kept her soul in a transparent sheath in his belly.

As Kali immortalizes Parvati, Goddess Parvati does not open the real form of Goddess Parvati if she is not immortal. Even Lord Sarahunaath does not realize his true nature. But now Goddess Parvati somehow never married a nervous man on Earth. But if the wedding does not happen, it is sure to die. But for Kali herself, the death of Goddess Parvati thereby benefiting herself and Goddess Parvati. Lord Sarahunaath’s destruction was literally impossible for a stone caught in the lure of the samsara. Then Sri Gangadevi became a true enlightener of her husband, ‘Kokkarne.’ However, when Ganga Devi learned the first version of Kali, the other 1000 incarnations of the Goddess Ganga Devi, as in Lord Sarahunaath, bound her as a stone and carried her to the abyss. But it could not be identified with Lord Sarahunaath and the 33 crore gods, Srimannarayana.  

It was quite evident that Sri Parvati and Lord Sarahunaath were here in the great Gulbarga metropolis. But she, too, could not have Lord Sarahunaath by her death. She also dressed up in human form and enshrined Lord Sarahunaath in any form. However, in his second incarnation, Kali held Goddess Parvati in a transparent chisel and placed her in his belly. Sri Kalika Devi carried out his second incarnation, but Sri Parvati could not be brought out of his belly. The Goddess Ganga is also a prisoner in the distance. But even Goddess Parvati could not be identified with Lord Sarahunaath and Sri Mannarayana. It was during this time that Parashiva, too, became Lord Sarahunaath. But the Lord Sarahunaath could not kill the 1001 Kali’. This is because Kali himself attained the power of Parashiva from three successive eras, namely the Krita, Tetra, and Dvapara periods.

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