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 Let’s know more about the Best Wedding Planner in India – Mangalasuthra

Weddings are an essential part of life, and almost everyone wants their wedding to be a grand, well-planned, and memorable one. Globally the Wedding Industry or the wedding values around 160 billion dollars and is expected to rise and reach 414.3 billion Dollars by 2030. The wedding industry is not something new, but with the increasing demand and then trends, it has grown widely in the last ten years and continues to grow.

Abhilash has been active in this field since 2009 when he was planning corporate events, cultural events, birthday parties, and other events, but that was more of a management firm, it was in 2012 when he saw the scope of the wedding market, and he decided to start a dedicated marriage firm, and since then his journey as a wedding planner started.

Everyone wants to have a marvelous, perfect wedding at affordable prices. With the same mission and aim to provide service of wedding Abhilash incepted Mangalasuthra— a wedding planning firm that offers all the wedding-related services under one roof. The team of experienced professionals and hardworking individuals provide you with all the assistance on your big day, and they make sure that you don’t have to worry about anything. 

Mangalasuthra is on the mission to be the biggest wedding planner in India, now that it has made its name not just in India but across the globe. It is well known for its flawless quality services. Abhilash, when he started Mangalasuthra, had no experience and had just completed his Diploma in Computer Science, but even after hunting for various jobs, he couldn’t get one as destiny had different plans for him. He slowly discovered his interest, and he organized his first event, which was a Birthday party, and then he slowly upgraded to corporate events, cultural programs, family functions, and then finally, wedding celebrations. Making sure that your traditional wedding rituals are followed and done without any mistakes. 

Today, the ventures offer various services for your wedding, be it giving it a cultural touch, a modern touch, or a blend of both. They even provide customized wedding plans according to the needs of the bride and groom. It also helps the couple with destination weddings. If you plan to have your wedding on a hilltop or an island, or near a beach, don’t worry Mangalasuthra has got you covered. 

Other services include; Providing Venue, pre-wedding photoshoots, wedding photoshoots, videography, and cinematography, bridal make-up and wear, groom wear and style, mehndi, music, and a lot more. The list never comes to an end. Even if you plan a wedding based on the theme, the firm has your back. All you have to do is sit back and relax!

There are various packages, such as Golden, Silver, Platinum, Diamond, and Economy, according to your budget and needs. You just have to opt for anyone that fits best for you.

Mangalasuthra has completed more than 500 events and over 200 weddings in India and abroad, and the number keeps on growing. It has only been possible because of the hard work that he has put in. 

Let us have a look at what his customers have to say about their services; 

Anjali and Sharath say,

It was such a pleasant experience working with Mangalasuthra. Hospitality, decor, management of guests, coordinating the venues, and everything else was done so well. The team is very hands-on, and I really appreciate all their efforts.

Riya and Siddharth share their experience,

I worked with Mangalasuthra for my wedding. They were excellent at planning and executing everything. The decorations truly transformed the venue. They worked very hard and helped with everything I asked for. They are extremely quick with their responses. My wife and I had a hassle-free experience working with them!

When Abhilash was asked who was his biggest inspiration during his whole struggling phase, he replied, “It was my father who relied on me and supported me. He never turned his back on me and supported me throughout.” He further says, “I also take inspiration from Mr Narayan Murthy; even today I keep his photograph in my office and when I look at his confident face with a smile, it inspires me and motivates me to work hard and rule out any problem or obligation that is standing in front of me.”

Not to forget, he has faced his own share of struggles during the whole journey. With a Diploma in Computer Science and entering into a totally different field without experience, though, made him skeptical, but he did not stop at any cost. He has seen failures. He has learned lessons, and then he has succeeded in building a top-notch wedding service provider. 

We asked Abhilash what his message for the young generation, the upcoming entrepreneurs, to which he said was, 

Don’t ever plan your future from the knowledge of books you read or things you have just read somewhere during your student life. The world is much bigger than what we read. Come out after your studies and take a break to explore the world to decide your future.”

Recently, Mangalasuthra won awards from EPF Gujarat and Mysuru Geleyara Balaga for being the best wedding planner. Abhilash wishes to extend his business in various parts of the country.

To make your wedding grand and memorable;


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