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The Savage Humans Stories Celebrating The Hustle of Indian Common Man



In a world where the stories of the famous and powerful dominate our news feeds, it’s refreshing to come across a startup that focuses on the unheard tales of ordinary individuals. The Savage Humans (TSH) is a remarkable venture that has dedicated itself to bringing the stories of unsung heroes to the forefront. With a reach of up to 20 Crore eyeballs, TSH has emerged as a leading platform for viral content, shining a spotlight on the remarkable individuals who are making selfless contributions to society.

India is a country teeming with thousands of unsung stars who work tirelessly to bring about positive change. These individuals often lack the support and recognition they deserve. They may be burning the midnight oil to run a small business or engaging in other endeavors that seek to make a difference. The Savage Humans takes great pride in unearthing these hidden gems and ensuring that their stories resonate on social media. This not only transforms their lives through online promotion but also boosts their chances of success in their respective fields. Savage Humans’ prime motive has always been to witness a positive transformation in the lives of those they feature.

The co-founders of TSH, Devesh Verma and Palash Khandelwal, find immense satisfaction in giving a voice to those who are often unheard. Their years of experience now manifest in a platform that amplifies the stories of individuals who would otherwise go unnoticed. With each success story, Devesh and Palash wear a proud grin, knowing that they have contributed to the positive growth and development of those they have promoted online.

The journey of TSH began in 2019 in the small city of Indore. Devesh Verma, now the CEO of TSH, took a bold step by leaving his “safe” job as an engineer to join a startup that was just starting out in Indore. Before embarking on his own entrepreneurial venture, Devesh spent five years as the Content Research and Distribution Head at WittyFeed, a famous city startup. Today, WittyFeed is known as STAGE and has made its way to the prestigious stage of Shark Tank. Devesh’s time at WittyFeed served as the catalyst for his inspiration to create something of his own. It was during this period that he found his co-founder, Palash Khandelwal. The two spent countless hours discussing. A year later, Palash went overseas to Newzealand for further studies. But this didn’t stop the two visionaries from discussing about ideas and startups on the phone. Fast forward to 2019, the two, along with some other friends, finally made the tough call of quitting their current work and building something from scratch. Ever since their company has only grown in size.

To date, TSH has covered over 1000 such stories, each rooted in the novel aim of bringing about a welcoming change in the community. With just one click of an “upload” button, this Indore-based startup can take these stories to the masses in just 60 seconds. It is astounding to witness how TSH leverages the power of its social following to generate hundreds of thousands of video views within a few hours. This tangible result stands as a testament to the startup’s success. Today The Savage Humans has become Central India’s Largest storytelling platform with a following of more than 50 lakh Audiences. Some stories are so compelling that readers show visible enthusiasm to learn more about them. Stories like that of Chamar Studio founder Sudheer Rajbhar, Sagar Ratna founder Jayram, Padmashree Awardee Chutni Devi, and many others have garnered immense popularity. In exceptional cases, some individuals featured by TSH have received awards, national recognition, and even business funding due to the increased visibility they gained through The Savage Humans’ platform. The startup’s impact has even extended to radio FM, which has also started using the stories covered by TSH. 

Devesh and Palash firmly believe in the power of seeing to become. They recognize that the youth of today look up to them and their growth as a source of inspiration. TSH has always aimed to shed light on positive change, empowering the youth to build a beautiful future for the nation.

Instagram: @the_savagehumans

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