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The Unstoppable Raj Singh lives by the phrase – ‘The Show Must Go On!’



“Saare perfume ki khushboo ek taraf,

Maa ke dupatte ke khushboo ek taraf”

The very first lines written by this poet were about his mother – his strength, his motivation and his inspiration. Meet Raj Singh, a railway employee and a devoted son, who embarked upon his journey of writing with the blessings of his mother.

Coming from a small town, Raj completed his studies from Kendriya Vidhyalaya. He is currently working in the Indian Railways as an employee in Eastern Zone in West Bengal. He loves sports, be it football, volleyball, cricket, badminton, basketball or our desi kabadi and the one game which reminds everyone of their childhood – Kho-Kho. Amongst all his hobbies, reading is one of the few that stayed with him till this day.

Like any normal family, they lived together happily, enjoying everything that life had to offer, until one day, all went haywire. One fine day, while Raj was going to Banaras Hindu University via train to give his exams, he received news that his father is missing. His world stopped, he couldn’t comprehend anything. The days went by, but there was no information about his father’s whereabouts. His strength started fading, but he knew he had to hold it together for his mother. His will to continue deteriorated, but he knew that he must not stop, for that was definitely not what his family would have wanted for him.

Raj gathered himself and with much effort, he overcame the harsh feeling of not having a father, as he never got any lead as to where his much-loved dad would be. He completed school and passed from science branch with flying colors. From his childhood, he was always fascinated by defense-based, patriotic movies. He wanted to join the Indian Navy and serve his motherland. But again, fate was not on his side. However, instead of getting disheartened, he buckled up and started working towards clearing the Railway Examination and cleared the Group-C test in first attempt.

Everything was going routinely until Covid-19 happened. Being at home gave Raj a lot of time to revisit his inner interests and he decided to write his feelings. He then met Dipa Sharma who discovered Raj’s talent and encouraged him to write an anthology. From here, he met Rohit Arya, Founder of Dream Publishers and his writing journey began. He also participated in various open mics which helped him enhance and polish his skills as an upcoming writer. Hardwork always pays – he went on to win several competitions with his shayaris and even won the Best Writer Award. He now officially has six books under his name as an author. He says, “‘Papa – Ek Samarpit Charitra’ and ‘Feelings: The Art of Realized Desire’ are really close to his heart.”Singh Sahab, as called by many, really makes us live the phrase ‘The Show Must Go On’. His story reminds us that sometimes, we may fall into an abyss, but there is always light at the end of it, if we choose to go on leaving no stone unturned. You can connect with this fearless Rajput on Instagram and Moj at @raj_ke_alfaz.

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