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Dr. S.Md Tahir, founder & State President of Jana Vikas Seva Samithi, an untold hero.



A charity helps people realize that it is possible ti bless other, in a word full of uncestainities and choos.

Giving to charity gives a deeper meaning to life and helps see our purpose to the people in our society.

Giving is one of the essential meaning behind a charity.

By the inspriratiob of his my grand father sahib who donated 90% of hus earning to the poor by pronting free food. I use to help my grand father in his charity work since I am childhood also barned a lot from my father mr. Sahib who is running small business to take case of famliy supported me for my panion of joing service  iam very lucky that I was born in a famliy.

Which is meant for serving society in their harf earnings

I faster doing ssrvice since my child hood, I helped many people by grace of Alkah and I established jana vikas seva samithi in year 2010 when I was studying my intermediate.

I established this society good to give awarmen and to join inspired and interestes our society I have joing more than 400 above members who are now doing daily servies to the needy.

We support children for their studies and standards. We supportes poor in may ways like distributity grollery, clothes, whell chairs distrubution and un employement and also in social justice (rights) the society in many ways.

He helps when natural calnalties occurred.

We supportes government officials in their public awareness programmes which here  helps me to people (inteorafities).

We supported my educational institution in by conducting youth..

We give first priority to the poor to help in their livelihood we support than in gifting awarded about government schemes and about public and private jobs.

We suppotes the youth by conducting motivational spaces and moral &ethical values and employment awarmen.

About establishment of our jana vikas seva samithi organization we done more tgan 1500 Above programme’s in each & every aspect.

Like plantation, free food, cloths, medical camps, ration distrubution and inspiring youth etc..

I recieves man awards as covid-19.

In Covid-19 warnings from ysr district collector and superdient of police (S. P) and also got facilitates and I was faliotates by man other officials for our service.

As iam very greatful to the membes of our organization for their support and bkenings.

In 2022 I was award doctorate by the university of california day spring Christian university for my servicess.

As a citizen of india as a good citizen it is my responsibility to support every citizen of india

When thay are in need and I humbly reaunt a my brother’s and sister’s that keep humain

By alive with your good deeds and be yours blessed Dr S. Md Tahir.

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