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There is no greater donation than blood donation; Shivanya Foundation is helping thousands ensuring availability of life blood.



In India, someone needs blood every two minutes. According to a survey conducted by “India Spend,” India suffers a 1.9 million unit blood shortage each year. This crisis has reached new heights since COVID-19. A single blood donation can give hope to three lives, so every donor is valuable.

For almost a year, the Shivanya Foundation has upheld the belief that donating blood can save multiple lives. Shivanya Foundation is a registered NGO with ISO certification, and having 12 A and 80G certification from income tax department a youth-led initiative that collaborates with colleges and corporations to help blood banks achieve blood sufficiency. The organisation offers a complete solution to the problem, beginning with encouraging individuals to donate blood. The Foundation primarily focuses on blood donation for thalassemia and cancer patients, women’s health and hygiene awareness programmes, and medical and screening camps in rural Uttarpradesh. Sarvesh Kumar Shukla founded the NGO with the vision of providing 360 medical and health services to the people in need. His vision towards thalessimia free india and one step onward from cancer, for that he made dedicated team called “ibloodsoldier”. Mr. Sarvesh Kumar Shukla is also a life member of the Indian Society of Blood and Immunohematology, Lions club gyanpur and the Red Cross Society. 

Shivanya Foundation is also registered with the NGO Darpan portal provided by NITI Aayog in collaboration with the National Informatics Centre and also registered with CSR by Ministry of Corporate affairs, India in order to foster stronger collaboration between the government and voluntary sectors.

On June 14, 2022, Shivanya Foundation observed World Blood Donation Day by hosting a blood donation camp in Gyanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. Shivanya Foundation  and Lions Club Gyanpur members donated blood. On the same day, in the presence of Kushal Tiwari, National Vice President of Shivanya Foundation, National Legal Advisor Yogendra Upadhyay, Alok Giri, and Awadhesh Kumar, the blood donation camp successfully collected 22 units of blood. Another recent success was the annual Raktveer Samman ceremony, organised for the event of blood donation in the Lions School Auditorium, Laldiggi, Mirzapur on January 2, 2022.

While the entire globe was tormented by a pandemic such as Corona, the Shivanya Foundation was saving lives by donating blood to people in the Bhadohi area of Uttar Pradesh. On May 23rd, 2021, Sarvesh Kumar Shukla, the current president and founder, has pledged that no one in Uttar Pradesh will die from a lack of blood and that the Shivanya Foundation will be built in the Bhadohi district. The Foundation recently entered London’s World Book of Records and got International life saver Award for their rigorus effort and success in the field of blood collection and distribution. The organisation also congratulated and complimented Sarvesh Kumar Shukla, the founder and National President, for his outstanding work at such a young age.

On Martyrs’ Day, a blood donation camp was arranged at Kashiraj Intercollege Aurai by Arvind Bhattacharya  of Lions Club, and Sarvesh Kumar Shukla, Founder & President of Shivanya Foundation, in which 92 blood donors had signed up to donate blood. After arriving at the camp, 87 blood donors donated blood, making the entire arrangement a success. Sarvesh Kumar Shukla, national president and secretary of the Shivanya Foundation, stated that this camp was planned in response to the district’s paucity of blood donations. In the same camp, Satyanarayan Pandey, Senior Vice President of the Indian Savarna Sangh, stated that donating blood can save the lives of many others. 

On the occasion of the death anniversary of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, the Red Cross Society, Sadhna Foundation, and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh in collaboration with Shivanya Foundation hosted a blood donation camp on the campus of Kashiraj Mahavidyalaya Inter College Aurai. More than ten people donated blood in this case. While expressing gratitude to blood donors in the global epidemic, organisers Sarvesh Shukla and Shubham Mishra stated that blood will be accessible if anyone requires it. This event was attended by Kushal Tiwari, Ratnesh Dubey, Mukesh Dubey, Awadhesh Kumar, and others. The foundation maintains a strong relationship with the medical community that provides diagnoses, treatment and care for thalessimia and cancer patients. Foundation is looking for CSR  For a Medical Emergency or Social Cause?

The future vision of this noble foundation is to realise the full potential of the Internet—universal access to research and education, full participation in culture—to drive a new era of development, growth, and productivity. Digital Bangar, Shivanya Foundation’s digital partner is helping the cause by maintaining its online presence.

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