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These millennials are making financial literacy in India accessible to all  



It is a known fact that in the Indian education system they never teach students about personal finance, there is a huge gap when it comes to this. Over the period of time as the global world is growing and developing people are realizing the importance of financial literacy. This was realized by Ishwar Singh Panwar and Chiranjeevi Anand, the founders of WeTradeDaily.

With the establishment of this start-up, they aim to provide financial literacy to people who are enthusiastic and are willing to learn about trading, stock market and finance. It is always seen that a lot of people know about ‘How to earn money’ but a very few know about ‘How to actually make money’ with their initiative digitalchiru (Chiru) and cybiz (Ishwar) are looking forward to educate people and provide them guidance, mentorship and training on their journey to the world of stocks.

The basic idea behind their start-up is that they want to build a community of people who are ready to learn and grow with like-minded people, we make sure that they become expert in this field by learning a life long skill-set. All over these years they have gained years of experience. When we asked how did they start their journey they recalled and said, “It was in the year 2018 when we started using a Demat accounts of ours parents out of curiosity and we were trying our hands on it. We booked a few big looses in market and when that happened, we thought to came up with an idea to build a community of people of where they can find out the right ways to learn day trading and do not suffer like us in the early days.”

Now they have come up with this challenge for all the budding and passionate traders who will learn, enjoy and most importantly will get to know advance level trading.

They came up with the idea to teach in the year 2018. When they started out as beginners, they realized that they wanted to follow trading and teaching people about financial market they started out to spread education and make people aware about financial markets and saving them from making such huge losses. Currently, they are about to start their full-time trading program that will educate people about finance.

The 3-day challenge starts soon. The program is designed and curated by team professionals and experts that not teaches you things about finance but will also help you building your career in financial market. The 3-Day trading challenge will be a guide to give your proper training, and mentorship and will provide advance market knowledge. The challenge will provide many premium features and benefits like one-on-one interaction with experts, Q&A sessions, and a lot more of it. Get yourself ready for this 3-day journey where you will know the unknown, hear the unheard and conquer the impossible.

Join the challenge at a very affordable price and enjoy what it has to offer. on weekends and registered participants will get bonuses of worth thousands of rupees for free from WeTradeDaily. The live classes of this program are conducted on weekends and is well designed for working professionals as well as students.

The opportunity to make money from any corner of world without any hassle with only the knowledge and experience. They took their motivation and inspiration from people like Rakesh Jhunjunwala, Warren Buffet and Jesse Livermore. Taking inspiration from people like these he has built a firm like WeTradeDaily and continuous to build a community of people who enthusiastic about financial market. They say, “We always looked at the markets as a business we can operate with a less investment and zero human intervention.

Providing financial education digitally they wish to spread financial literacy in India. Building a community of all sort of digital mediums and forming online communities of like-minded people and training and guiding them.

WeTradeDaily future’s plan is to establish a virtual environment for trade enthusiasts who can come together and can build themselves with like-minded traders and investors under a common digital roof.

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