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This Delhi Based Start-up Is Making The Youth find Like-Minded People Over Unique Social Experiences



How do you envision your weekend? Slouching on the couch, going out with the same set of friends, indulging in the same “fun activities” over and over again? Do you crave meaningful social experiences? Do you have the innate need to find like-minded people who can inspire you in a million unfathomable ways?

If yes, then, we present to you WeSocial Network, a Delhi-based start-up that is an e-discovery marketplace where you can find like-minded individuals over shared experiences in a secure environment. Aspiring to be “Amazon” for social experiences, WeSocial Network has been conducting a plethora of youth-centric experiences where you not only discover your tribe but also get in touch with your long-lost hobbies and passions while finding new pursuits to follow.

With a community of over 3500+ people from across India, scattered across various disciplines including but not limited to travel, art, music, dance, cycling, writing, photography, food, and micro gatherings, WeSocial vows to increase the happiness quotient of people in the country. The start-up aims at building multiple self-sustainable micro-communities across the country (and subsequently offshore).

Initially operating online, the start-up shifted its model to a hybrid version as soon as the pandemic kicked off. During the lockdown, WeSocial Network successfully hosted 200+ events/experiences to enable people to get through the period of lull and anxiety.

“Another wonderful, amazing evening… What’s great is the evergreen spirit of the people hosting how much you enjoy in such a limited period of time . . As usual the spontaneity and variety had our jaws jammed on smiles and laughter.

Jyoti Dandwani from Ahmedabad

With over 200+ hosts onboard to take care of the different flavors of experiences, Wesocial provides a platform for the hosts to earn money while they follow their passion (and impart it to other people). The ticket size ranges anywhere from INR 50 to INR 1000 depending on the nature of skill/experience. At the end of the day, it is mostly about giving oneself up to a fulfilling experience.

“The concept/idea of the community is great. Reliving what people generally cherish on social media which is just a sharing platform nowadays. This organization truly lives up to the word Social and the idea of Facebook and gets people to socialize rather than just being plain online connections. Even in times of Corona, they are getting people closer, be it virtually even.”

Divyam Arora from New Delhi

Having a team of Chartered Accountants (having Big4 background) from New Delhi as advisors, WeSocial Network is in itself a testimony that the key to happiness is chasing your most innate passions. Initially, the startup was dedicated to building a community of finance professionals, however, owing to the extraordinary response received, the community opened its gates to verified professionals and people with a “young at heart mindset”. Currently bootstrapped, the start-up envisions to tap into the global e-discovery market (current value: $14 billion) and travel market (currently standing at $136 billion) with a CAGR of 15%.

“It was an amazing experience meeting new people and playing various interesting games with them. I’m glad I got the chance to be a part of such an event. Everyone was so friendly that it didn’t seem we all were meeting each other for the first time. Hats off to the hosts as well who organized everything so perfectly. Looking forward to more such events in the future. Not to forget, the beautiful evening was concluded with the performance of #kalhemilay which was absolutely awesome!

Komal Agarwal from New Delhi

Join the community as they go cycling around Delhi and indulge in a hearty banter at breakfast post cycling on Sundays, or travel with them to uncommercialized places with a crazy troupe that will ensure that no moment is dull, or get your hands dirty by joining them for an art Session. They might as well interest you in an intimate micro gathering where the soulful artists weave magic with their symphonies. Or bring your notebooks and soak yourself in an open mic evening. The possibilities are endless.

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