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“Pre-Primary students at Creative Minds Pre-School visit court, fire & police stations this week!”



The best Pre-school in Ballarpur Creative Minds Pre-School, Ballarpur run and managed by Crescent Shikshan Prasarak Mandal, Chandrapur of Maharashtra organized a trip for the pre-primary students to the Fire Station, Police Station, and Court on 17th of November during School hours so that the children could learn about how important Community Helpers are.

Creative Minds Pre-School kids were briefed by Judge Hon’ble Shri Tushar Wajhe Sir and Judge Hon’ble Shri Pushkar Joshi Sir on how and what is the basic structure of the Civil and Criminal Court. The kids were distributed Chocolates by the staff of the Court who took the kids to the different places of the Court and briefed them about it. The kids felicitated the Judges by giving flowers.

The kids also visited Police Station were Shri Umesh Patil sir, Police Station In-charge, Police station Ballarpur along with the staff briefed the kids about the role of the Police in catching the thief through a short story and were briefed by the Police officer on how to contact the Police in case of an emergency by dialling 100.

The children also visited a fire station. A fireman talked to the children and told them how to contact the fire department in case of an emergency. You should call 101 if there is a fire. The fireman showed us how to put out a fire. You can cover the fire with a blanket or put sand on it. The fireman showed us the equipment the firemen use.

Children learn in different ways. Some learn by seeing. Some learn by listening. Some learn by doing. Some learn by touching. Children learn in different ways. Some learn by seeing. Some learn by listening. Some learn by doing. Some learn by touching.
3 types of learners are:
Visual learners – who learn by looking at things around them
Auditory learners – who learn by listening to sounds
Kinaesthetic learners – who learn through physical activities.
As per the researchers, most children are visual learners. They learn by observing visual aids around them. These kinds of learners get drawn to everything visual as it helps them in forming a correlation between what is taught and what is visible through their naked eye. Keeping this in mind the field trip was organized. The objective was to enhance their visual learning and crisis-handling abilities among them.

This outbound trip gave students an idea about what to do and how important it is to use their presence of mind when a crisis like this occurs. They also understood the importance of the Judicial System, Police, and firemen and how difficult it would be if these people are not there to help us when such a need arises.
The Outdoor trip was organized under the guidance of Principal Mrs. Humera Khan, teachers of respective classes Mrs. Sarika Meshram, Mrs. Beula, Mrs. Ujwalla Khobragade, Mrs. Parul Bharne, and Mrs. Sanshya Appalla along with Mr. Riyaz Khan. The teaching and non-Teaching Staff worked hard for the successful and smooth organization of the trip. The officers and the staff of the Civil and Criminal Court at Ballarpur, Officers at Police Station Ballarpur, and the fireman helped with the successful organizing of the trip

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