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Abhigyan Nigam Opens Up About His Lifestyle & Going Viral On Social Media



As one of India’s prominent Digital creators, Abhigyan Nigam – the GentlemAN, has made an indelible mark with his artistic zeitgeist. His content showcases a deep sense of practicality, yet, is very poignant, and extremely relatable to the youth.

But the coverage fails to depict his back story which wasn’t an easy journey to live. Although he does not prefer calling the beginning of his journey a struggle, the challenge he faced before finding fame on Social Media at the onset of India’s internet revolution, certainly wasn’t easy. 

Apart from being an Influencer and digital creator that you definitely must follow, Abhigyan carries his fashion statement in a trendy and gentle look. Let us share his insights over our chat questionnaire which will spotlight his life before and after Instagram eminence.

Abhigyan Nigam, is also an entrepreneur who founded Alpha Creatorz and recently launched his E-Magazine. Priorly initiated AN Store India business in 2016 as the founder and channelized it for a 3years stint, until 2019.

He is an active investor who invests in early-stage start-ups and mentors the respective founders on Product-Market-Fit, business strategies, talent acquisition, and help in making informed decisions and choices.

From Abhigyan to GentlemAN, how has the journey been for you? Tell us something about your struggle.

Let’s not call it a struggle. It’s been a lot of effort and a lot of commitment but it’s been fun. The only struggle I used to face every month was to not let my family be deprived of anything they wished or deserve.

How many posts did you have to make and put up before you reached 10,000 followers?

I don’t clearly remember – around 100+ posts and 100+ videos for 10K.

There’s this perception that men do not need to be fashion-conscious and that men have an intrinsic style that they are born with and need to stick with. Do you agree?

If we were to stick to what we were born with, we would still be in diapers. I think one’s sense of fashion evolves with time. There are people out there who know it far better than you do. Never stop learning the art of aesthetics by adding flavours to experiments. After all, it’s just one life, so why keep it monotonous!

How would you define your style statement?

Classic yet comfortable and I keep myself open to experimenting with the trends.

What do you prefer to wear on a date?

I would like to carry a usual combination, a plain black shirt and denim.

What is that one fashion trend that you don’t understand or are unable to relate to?

I don’t think I’m a huge fan of any clothing that’s showcased during fashion shows. I’m a simple guy – I choose evergreen and elegant attire over drifting fabricated styles.

What advice would you give someone who wants to pursue a career as an influencer?

Don’t jump in for becoming an influencer for its popularity. Instead, do what you have fun doing. Micro-influencers create powerful word of mouth in small groups. They don’t have the followings of a Kardashian, but they’re much cheaper and can still reach enough people to make a difference in the realm of artists.

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