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Trekhievers – Bringing the offbeat trekking experience to everyone



Life has gradually become monotonous and mechanical and we are putting ourselves in a race and are running in that loop to always be the first, beating out the brains of our peers, friends, and strangers who also wish to be in the first. But, what is life for if not for living? We must allow ourselves to live truly, experience the surreal beauty around us and travel to the mountains that are ready to embrace us with their calmness and composed nature. Trekhievers is an esteemed organisation that provides a platform to all those who wish to seek pleasure and thrill from adventure.

Like every great idea has a great story behind it, Trekhievers also shares an admirable story that led to its inception. The founder of Trekhievers, Nitin, pursued his engineering in Pune, which is an exotic location surrounded by aesthetic mountains and spellbinding forts that attract tourists all the time. Nitin, along with his friends, used to go on short treks, and that’s when he was introduced to the world of trekking and adventure. After completing his engineering, MBA invited Nitin like a gentle breeze that ruffles our hair on a summer evening, and the idea of starting a business venture developed in Nitin’s mind. The idea of collaborating in adventure trekking and business appealed like a beautiful amalgamation to Nitin, and that’s the base idea of Trekhievers. In the initial days, Nitin used to organise trips for his friends, and later the circle grew wider, and Nitin understood the demand for a good travel organisation in the market and registered Trekhievers as a company.

Since Nitin’s father used to work in the Indian Navy, they had to relocate to various places across the nation and Nitin had the opportunity to experience various cultures and cuisines, but Nitin never recognised this process as travelling and it all seemed quite normal to him. But, when he took people on treks, he realised how those short trips are important and how people enjoy themselves. He was amused by seeing people shout, and he felt so glad to see their happy faces. From then on, he is more determined to bring happiness to more and more travellers through Trekhievers.

The genuine idea behind Trekhievers is to support those who are certified mountaineers and those who wish to pursue a career in this field of adventure. Generally, it has become a taboo in our country that this profession isn’t that glorious, but Nitin wishes to break that stereotype and provide them with a platform that acts as a source of regular income and that instils confidence in them. Trekhievers is also planning to start a learning program that helps aspiring people pursue careers in the field of adventure.

In the course of his journey through Trekhievers, Nitin says that he started admiring the happiness and the broad smile on his clients’ faces when they get to see a waterfall or when they get to the top of a hill. He observed that this happiness is priceless and was elated that his trips became a reason to bring smiles on many faces, and this inspired him to work more and more and enhance their services. Besides trekking, Trekhievers also started camping and backpacking for those who do not show much interest in trekking but yet wish to experience the forests and off beat locations. Trekhievers is organising winter trips, monsoon trips, bike trips, trekking camps, and many more, and all the details of them are explicitly provided on the website of and one could literally experience the entire tour just by reading down the details.

Nitin claims that Trekhievers is looking forward to making a difference in the hospitality industry and is planning to open its own resorts and adventure camps in the near future. Nitin is proud to say that Trekhievers is not about money or business, but rather it is all about adventure.

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