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TRILLANT (TRI): An Integrated Commerce Solution That Utilizes Blockchain Technology



What is TRILLANT and what does TRI have to offer?

TRILLANT is an innovative cryptocurrency investment ecosystem built on blockchain technology. TRILLANT is founded on the Triple T concept (TTT): Trillant Value Token (TRI) represents the cryptocurrency financial instrument utilized for staking and generating weekly profits. Trillon Stablecoin (TRIL) is a 1:1 stablecoin that is backed up by, and tethered to, the US Dollar. Trillando is the integrated marketplace solution that offers added value and opportunity for market participants.

In today’s global marketplace, companies face the challenge of keeping updated with the latest technological innovations in financial services, the failure of which can restrict growth and prevent products from reaching their audience. Successful participation in today’s global market demands strong sales expertise and business development fundamentals. In response to this, TRILLANT offers an integrated commerce solution, efficiently saving time and money with its value token, its stable pay coin, and its e-commerce platform. Through its marketplace solutions, TRILLANT empowers all parties to focus on their core competencies without needing to worry about complicated business processes and interactions with multiple service providers.

The Trillant Token (TRI) powers the Trillant ecosystem. It is the central investment instrument of the platform and the main token exchanged with Trillon for utilization in the Trillando marketplace. The TRI holds a variety of roles in the TRILLANT economy, from basic trading to multi-option staking.

TRI Token Overview

Token name: TRI

Total supply: 50,000,000,000

Total circulation: 50,000,000,000 Listing

Trading pair: TRI/USDT 

Trade time: TBA

Withdrawal time: TBA

What are the utilities of the TRILLANT token (TRI)?

  • The TRILLANT token (TRI) is the main investment instrument of the TRILLANT Ecosystem.
  • TRILLANT Tokens are digital assets that can be purchased, held on speculation, and traded for potential profit based on market indicators.
  • TRIs can be used for short-term and long-term staking, yielding Trillon stablecoins over a locked period.
  • The TRILLANT Token (TRI) has a built-in “buy back” function, controlling token circulation, which corresponds to deflation and sustainable price growth.
  • TRIs can be traded into Trillon stablecoins for purchasing or exchanging purposes in the Trillando Marketplace.
  • TRIs  can be traded on any DeFi platform to USDT at any time.

What are the pillars of the TRILLANT ecosystem?

  • TRILLANT platform. The platform is at the heart of the TRILLANT ecosystem. Utilizing blockchain technology, TRILLANT is the first decentralized ecosystem that integrates all factors of commerce, helping unlock income opportunities.
  • TRILLANT Value Token (TRI). The TRI runs the engine of the TRILLANT ecosystem and is deployed for seamless trading and transactions in the system.
  • Trillon (TRIL) Stablecoin. Based on Litecoin, Trillon is compatible with the most diverse exchanges and is value-stable at 1 USD for 1 TRIL. It functions as the primary payment unit within the TRILLANT ecosystem, ensuring ease and transparency through blockchain technology.
  • Trillando Marketplace. Trillando operates as a central commerce network in the TRILLANT ecosystem. The Marketplace connects Customers, Merchants and Affiliate Partners through a user-friendly interface that integrates a wide range of payment options.


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