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Tvishi Handmade: Self-care line infused with motherly love & tenderness.



What is Tvishi Handmade?

Tvishi Handmade is a handcrafted skin, hair, and body care brand that uses natural ingredients and create effective & affordable selfcare products for entire family. The brand’s goal is to develop organic skin, hair, and body care products, that are high-performing that can suit your skin’s demands without losing finesse, luxury, or purpose. The reputable and certified care line ‘Tvishi Handmade’ has garnered various awards and recognitions, including the Micro Icon Award, because of its extraordinary transparency and handcrafted formulations. Today, the brand has a large number of satisfied customers who highly value its unique and natural formulations.

Tvishi Handmade – Kritika’s brainchild

In 2016, Kritika introduced the Natural homegrown self-care line – Tejus Skincare. She completed BE, MBA(IT) & CISA and worked as a Senior manager before this. While she had taken a career break, situations led to her hunt for natural remedies to aid her child after her two-year-old started having sleepless nights owing to dry itchy skin, and nothing on the market could genuinely help her. Kritika was inspired to develop all-natural, risk-free, safe self-care products that may genuinely help individuals with their skin issues after the child’s skin started to clear up. Kritika’s dream became a reality in the form of Tvishi Handmade, which now gives your skin the same tenderness and affection that a mother’s love does, following numerous trials on friends and family and the transition from a very enthusiastic home formulator to a professional certified-formulator.

Vision, Mission and Beliefs

Tvishi Handmade was established to enhance general wellness naturally through organic products and first-rate support & suggestions. Offering healthy, effective & affordable skin and hair care products, it pledges to promote satisfaction and excellent service. The brand’s objective also includes developing and offering wellness and skin care products that are safe, efficient, and intended to promote holistic health. It appreciates striking a balance between practicality and indulgence throughout its product line and holds that products should be luxurious without sacrificing either aspect.

Products and USPs

Under the Umbrella of Tejus Skincare, an ISO certified organization, Tvishi Handmade brand offers a wide range of skin, hair, and body care products that are entirely handmade, with no harsh heating or hydrogenating processes that can compromise the nutritional content and potency of natural ingredients. Results are obvious since even the vitamins, phytonutrients are contained in their all-natural, fresh formula. The brand also makes luxurious skin and hair treatments with silky textures and exquisite scents using precious botanicals, plant extracts, butter, and essential oils. 

Tvishi Handmade continually looks for new, fresh, and distinctive ingredients to create the greatest possible skin and hair care products after thorough investigation and evaluation. Among its best-selling products are Mango Hair Mask, Nakshatra Glow Facial Serum, Date with Hair Concentrate, Powder cleansers & other products. While each of their products go through months of testing, research & development, every single range has created a niche for itself.

The company also contributes to society and the environment in various ways, including sourcing from local farms & supporting small businesses, ethical sourcing, sustainable packaging, no animal testing, and the growth of strong community ties.

Tvishi Handmade pampers your skin with the utmost attention and care. Feel that mother-like care in all their products.

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