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UG Rokostelo’s “Finding Solace” out now! Long-awaited release finally here!




Synopsis: The music from the heart we have been waiting for, “Finding Solace,” by UG Rokostelo a.k.a. Umang Sharma is out. You can check it out here.

Soon after the release of “Finding Solace,” we met UG and discussed how the musical journey looked. During the discussion, we got to know about another exciting album, “Tum Hee,” which will also be available soon.  

Our finding about Mr. Rokostelo, the music enthusiast, from the entire conversation, is that he not only creates music but breathes it. He is passionate about music, especially pop music. What sets him apart from other music creators is his no-rule mindset. With this rule in mind, he created magic with “Finding Solace,” as his motive was to touch the strings of music lovers and gain the attention of possible collaborators. 

In Rokostelo’s words, “Each track of Finding Solace has been composed, keeping in mind the stress level people have in life. Each of my tracks will help people overcome those stress and boost their dopamine to attain ‘solace’ eventually.” 

His interest in different genres of music is quite evident in the tracks from his recent release. He loves to listen to music from various genres and tries to mirror them by adding his personal touch soon after listening to them. This way, he excels in what he has been doing. As they say, “Rome was not built in a day,” Rokostelo is not a person who hasn’t seen ups and downs in his life. Despite everything he had to face, he sprung with more force than ever and is here today. 

Apart from creating his own music, what keeps his morale boosted is his experiments with new sounds and techniques. Whenever he is free, he tries his hand at creating something unique for his listeners. We can’t agree more after listening to his tracks, how beautifully each track has been arranged. It takes a keen sense of music and experience. 

When he isn’t creating music, he is involved in collaborating with emerging artists across India to exchange ideas and learn through such meetings. Rokostelo is a one-man army because he not only composes but also writes songs inspired by real-life happenings and experiences of his life. He is a recognized vocalist in Jaipur and has performed in various places there and other cities. The idea of rejection doesn’t bog him down. That’s because he has learned from his parents to fight all failures and emerge as the brightest star always. He has been following this since then, and there has been no looking back. He learns from each of his mistakes and uses his lessons to only elevate the caliber of his music.

His album, “Finding Solace,” mentions how happy one can be in grief and feel protected on the open road. You will feel each beat and get immersed. Just the way Rokostelo discovers himself every day with music, go and find your peace in his music. Having said that, let’s all congratulate him on his success and wish him good luck!


Who is UG Rokostelo?

UG Rokostelo is a singer, musician, and songwriter from India. His full name is Umang Sharma. 

Where is he from?

He is from Jaipur, India.

Does he speak English?

Yes, he does speak English fluently.

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