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Underrated Artist Mudit Chotia: Quality Goes Viral



Rajasthan based Indian Musical artist Mudit Chotia doesn’t just make remarkable music, blending the singer-songwriter, mixing and mastering to create an entirely unique sound along with video editing. He makes the space for other artists to shine, too.

In addition to dropping his extremely popular Rajasthani folk song Paagadi, his sad feeling track Khwaabon ko has been gaining immense love from the listeners. With over 25 original songs to his credit, Mudit is certainly an underrated Musical artist in India but when it comes to talent, he is not less than anyone else in the industry.

What started a few years back as a passion to learn music, Mudit Chotia has grown into a multi-talented artist who can play a variety of musical instruments all by himself. He learned how to create his own tunes, and that is what he is doing right now. His unique selling point is that he learned everything on his own via Google and YouTube. Mudit is certainly a self-taught and a bit of an underrated artist who is doing justice to his music and talent.

Top 5 Songs Of Mudit Chotia

  • Paagadi – A Rajasthani folk song
  • Mere naina – A romantic song
  • Tu hi bas tu- A romantic song
  • Udi patang- A festival song
  • Khwaabon ko – A sad feeling song

Inspired by his own arduous journey in the music business, Mudit is now shining a bright light on a wide group of underrated artists by setting a great example. When asked how many organic followers and listeners he has amassed in a short period of time, he responds, “I hope that when any content is at its best, it will undoubtedly become viral and my past work will be automatically viewed.”

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