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“Upendra Rana: A Guide for Young IT Professionals”



When Upendra Rana, a regular MCA from IME College, Sahibabad, entered the job market, he worked for two straight months without receiving any stipend. No payment for all the hard work that he did during those 60 days. That changed Upendra’s outlook on the job market and he wanted to do something for beginners in the field. That is when he was inspired to write a book for professional students and ended up writing 10 books to inspire millions of youth in the world.

Before this realization dawned upon Upendra, he was a regular middle-class guy who was content with his share of dreams & ups and downs that life subjected him to. Charged up about doing something in the IT industry, he pursued first BCA, then MCA from a college in Sahibabad. Then he joined the job market to work in SEO & SMO specializations. Today, with more than 4 years of experience behind him, he has become the first Indian writer to write books on SEO. His books are sold online on Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal besides prominent bookstores like Barnes & Noble. The e-books of his are also sold on Google Play Store and Apple iBookstore.

The only condition that Upendra Rana put upon himself, while writing, was that no professional student should feel lost on entering the job market like he was. So far, his book titles include – Techniques of SEO-2015, Link Building – Do’s and Don’ts, Tactics of SEO, Latest Guide for Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing Strategies – Do’s and Don’ts and How to Get Rank in Mobile?” His latest book is Step By Step Guide To SEO.

He is thankful to his parents and his extended family for providing him with the right opportunities for education. He considers his father his role model.

With SEO and SMO being two important fields of specialization for beginners in the IT industry and the right step for a company to become visible on Google, Upendra’s books are the correct information tools for beginners to arm themselves with.

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