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Urban Junggle: India’s Leading Pest Management with Safe Solutions



Urban Junggle Pvt. Ltd. is a pest management company based in India committed to providing high-quality pest control solutions while prioritizing occupational health and safety, food safety, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. 

Urban Junggle is proud to be India’s first and only pest management company to hold both ISO 45001 and HACCP certifications, demonstrating its dedication to excellence in occupational health and safety management systems and food safety management systems. Additionally, Urban Junggle offers a warranty on its services, guaranteeing quality service to its customers.

ISO 45001 is a global standard for managing safety and health at work systems. It provides a framework for organizations to identify and manage occupational health and safety risks, prevent work-related injuries and illnesses, and improve overall performance. By achieving ISO 45001 certification, Urban Junggle has demonstrated its commitment to the health and safety of its employees and customers. This certification ensures that Urban Junggle pest control solutions are provided with the highest workplace health and safety requirements. 

HACCP is a food safety management method that finds, analyzes, and manages risks throughout food manufacturing. HACCP certification ensures the food is safe for consumption and meets all regulatory requirements. 

Urban Junggle HACCP certification guarantees that its pest management solutions are secure for food processing and handling facilities. This certification shows that Urban Junggle is committed to providing food-safe pest control solutions to its clients. 

Urban Junggle understands that each client has unique pest control needs. Its experienced pest control professionals are trained to provide customized solutions tailored to its client’s specific needs. Urban Junggle uses state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to ensure its pest control solutions are effective, efficient, and safe. 

At Urban Junggle, sustainability is essential to its pest management practices. It is the company’s responsibility to minimize the impact of its services on the environment while still providing effective pest control solutions. Urban Junggle uses environmentally friendly products and methods whenever possible and works closely with its clients to develop customized solutions that meet their sustainability goals. 

Urban Junggle CEO Mr. Rakesh Kumar believes in the company’s commitment to sustainability. The organization has implemented several sustainability initiatives, including recycling programs and energy conservation measures. Mr. Kumar believes it is essential to lead by example and demonstrate the company’s commitment to sustainability in all business areas. 

Urban Junggle offers a warranty on its services, guaranteeing quality service to its customers. This warranty demonstrates the company’s dedication to providing its customers with efficient, long-lasting pest control solutions. If the customer is unsatisfied with the service provided, Urban Junggle will re-service the property free of charge. 

Many blue-chip clients have trusted Urban Junggle’s pest management solutions. Its proven track record of excellence demonstrates the quality of its services and its commitment to customer satisfaction. Urban Junggle has provided pest control solutions to clients in various industries, including food processing, hospitality, healthcare, and retail. 

At Urban Junggle, we are dedicated to providing high-quality pest management services that prioritize the safety of our clients, their customers, and the environment. Our dedication to sustainability and client satisfaction distinguishes us from our competition, and our certifications and proven track record demonstrate our expertise and reliability.

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