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Prime Video & Ram Setu Creators Unite: Tech-Driven Storytelling Excitement



Producer Vikram Malhotra, director Abhishek Sharma, VFX Experts Naveen Paul and Parthsarathi Sethuraman Iyer discussed the making of the action-adventure thriller movie.

In the recently released movie, science and storytelling are expertly combined to create intriguing scenes that give viewers an immersive experience of various worlds.

Last night, the 53rd edition of the International Film Festival of India (IFFI), Asia’s oldest and India’s most renowned international film festival, featured a thought-provoking session on Enhancing Storytelling through Technology, organised by GOA Prime Video, India’s most popular streaming service.

The 30-minute session began with a highly engaging opening speech by Gaurav Gandhi, Vice President of Prime Video India, emphasising the influence that cutting-edge technology may have on contemporary filmmaking. The film’s dynamic creators, director Abhishek Sharma and producer Vikram Malhotra of Abundantia Entertainment engage in a thought-provoking discussion. Naveen Paul, co-founder and creative head of NY VFXWAALA, and Parthsarathi Sethuraman Iyer, creative director of Shock & Awe Films, who were in attendance at the session, went into greater detail about the development and execution of the film’s visual effects and how the creators used a variety of techniques to create never-before-seen worlds and replicate real worlds on screen.

Ram Setu director Abhishek Sharma added, “We are increasingly embracing VFX for environmental development. VFX played a crucial role in moving the story forward. More than simply visual effects anymore. The focus is on creating new worlds. VFX is now the heart of world development, not merely a gimmick. There is so much promise in making worlds that look realistic and fantastical.

Ram Setu, an action-adventure thriller, was just released in theatres. It was produced by Abundantia Entertainment and was presented by Prime Video in collaboration with Cape of Good Films, Lyca Productions, and Prime Video. The film’s original plot, outstanding acting, and—most importantly—the jaw-dropping, larger-than-life sound and visual effects that provide spectators with a wholly immersive cinematic experience have been praised highly by audiences. The film’s producers and VFX specialists delivered a highly educational and engaging session at the ongoing annual IFFI festival, bringing their knowledge and experience of how the newest and most innovative technology played a crucial role in enhancing the impact of Ram Setu.

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