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“Uncovering the Secrets of Vaikunth: The Mastermind Behind Power, Position, and Politics”



Whoever fights a monster needs to see to it that in the process he does not become a monster and if you gaze long enough into the abyss, the abyss will gaze back at you”

The political action thriller Vaikunth portrays the socio-political reality of India. The web series sheds light on what happens when someone decides to go on a mission to exact revenge in a society that isn’t ideal and is full of prejudice, bigotry, patriarchy, sexual assault, and a notorious desire for power.

A modern drama with action and a revenge plot is Vaikunth. Sita Yashashvi Singh, Eka Naredi, and Jina are the main characters in this novel. The narrative takes place in the land of Madhya Pradesh and explores the ascent and fall of these ladies and how Madhya Pradesh is not immune from the state’s eventual decline.

Out of the 3 main characters, one usurps the state government, and the second runs India’s most significant drug cartel. It becomes the Hawala Queen of Madhya Pradesh, and the third becomes the most well-known representative of the state’s minorities.

Together, they overcome their terrible, hopeless, and despicable surroundings and reach the pinnacle of their ambitions.

Vaikunth will demonstrate the sacrifice, horror, heroism, suffering, and tragedy one goes through when one chooses to seek revenge and eventually has to pay for its consequences.

A well-known filmmaker/ director who also produced popular Netflix web series and fantastic movies on Zee5, will be behind the camera for Vaikunth.

The Madhya Pradesh state will serve as the backdrop for the web series, which will depict the sociocultural reality of the region. As a result, the viewer needs help empathizing with the narrative and its characters, giving the movie a realistic feel.

These days, movies and television programmes can cause problems, and boycotting and cancelling are becoming more popular, which causes production businesses to suffer significant financial losses. Fortunately, the Madhya Pradesh state and Central governments have given the web series its blessing, and the Union Ministry of Home Affairs has provided further assistance. They consistently support the partnership between White and Black Entertainment Private Limited and Rbd Film Productions Private Ltd, which was established by Snehaashish Pathakk and Mayank Dev. Snehaashish Pathakk is a budding businessman and seasoned social worker who also has a close relationship with India’s ruling government.

The web series is women-centric and women-empowering in nature. It will be one of the most unique web series ever made. It would reflect the ground realities, showcase women’s bravery, and promote Dalit politics. 

Additionally, the web series is packed with entertainment, thrills, plot twists, fantastic characters, and a compelling plot, making it difficult to take your eyes off the screen.


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