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Visionary, karmic, and entrepreneurial: Our Aman Goel



We have seen very few people in our Indian politics who have an entrepreneurial mindset and a vision to outgrow the Indian economy and basic infrastructure strengthing. One who is very active and visionary, and works effortlessly for the well-being of his people is Mr. Aman Goel. Mr. Goel represents the BJP and their vision in the Faridabad constituency, working relentlessly to make India once again a great country.

Mr. Goel has a very diverse background. He did his schooling at the Army Public School, Dagshai of Himachal, and pursued his graduation in Bachelor in Business administration from Faridabad. Along with that, he completed his MBA too. He believes that learning is a lifelong process. At present, he is pursuing his LLB degree. From his early days, he was quite active among people as he has always been promoted by his family too. Mr. Goel lives in a joint family as he received his political guidance from his uncle, Mr. Vipul Goel who is also an Indian politician and sitting Member of the Legislative Assembly, representing the Faridabad constituency of Haryana Legislative Assembly, belonging to the Bhartiya Janata Party. In 2014, won the Haryana Legislative Assembly election for Bharatiya Janata Party and after that also served as a Cabinet minister in Govt. of Haryana. Throughout his career and at present too, He has been an inspiration & being a mentor to Mr. Aman Goel. With the support of Mr. Vipul Goel, there had a record plantation of 3 lac trees in just 2 hours, and after such a great deed, he auctioned all the certificates and prizes and donated the sum of around 2.6 Cr to the PM relief fund.

Mr. Goel has been quite active in his constituency and people can see him serving their people. Recently, he got 11 women married of Prajapati samaj in a social course. Faridabad has also hoisted the 250 feet heightened National flag, recorded as the longest and tallest national flag in 2015. Mr. Goel has always looked up to our beloved Prime Miniter of India, Mr. Narendra Modi Ji. He always believes Mr. Modi is his idol and wants to represent his country as he does. Following his footstep, he has actively helped people to gain employment. Under his supervision, children in slums have been promoted to schooling. Many schools and the hospital has been established to promote such facilities.

Mr. Goel has the vision to strengthen the basic facilities such as Education, Health facilities & amenities, Sanitation, and whatnot. He firmly believes that our country has the potential to be a superpower and by strengthing the pillar of our society, we can rise to that height. His vision aligns with the BJPs’ beliefs. He is a man with an entrepreneurial mindset as he knows that we need to promote such a culture so that our economy could get strengthened. As he has quoted once, “Mistakes are part of the game. It’s how well you recover from them, that’s the mark of a great player.” We believe, with such an inspirational and visionary mindset, we need more active politicians like Mr. Aman Goel.

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