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Vkay Singh – First Author of Bhiwani Rohilla & a Talented Soul



In this contemporary world everyone is running to be successful and to achieve their goals but not everyone can win this chase. Despite that some talented and hard working individuals make themselves able to shine bright like a sun.

Today we introduce you a self made personality and a passionate young writer Vikash. He is also known as his pen name Vkay Singh. He is a Haryanvi guy who belong countryside area of Hisar district of Haryana state.

He had completed his senior secondary education from Aarohi Model Sr. Sec. School. He also had completed his Hotel Management diploma from Chandigarh.

He is the first person of town who is written a book and become a well published writer at this young age. He has been part of many anthologies like Our Firsts, A verse that long lasts, Bitter truths of life, Raindrops on the pain and Voices from the heart. In these anthologies he proved himself and established his own place in writer’s community.

Now, He have launched his solo book which is titled as “दास्तां – Tales of Unconditional Love” which includes many emotional poetries to give you feel of different shades of love. This book consists 83 poetries on various type of feelings, situations and topics which will definately touch your soul. His write ups will perfectly melt in your heart and make his place there. He have brilliant command on his language and beautiful choices of words in his poetries.

He is one of those geniune writers who do not pressurise themselves to write just to fill the papers with emotionless words. He only pick his pen to express his feelings that his heart feels and his efforts can be seen clearly in his poetries and other write-ups.

Every writer has it’s own genre in which he have complete expertise and feel comfortable to write like love, social and fictional. Some writers never try to write something out of their perticular genre or style but Vikash (Vkay Singh) is a versatile writer who always keep trying to discover other genres he wrote many poetries on social dilemmas as well as he is able to write poems in multiple languages and dialects such as Hindi, English, Haryanvi and Punjabi.

He always been honest and focused to his assigned tasks and keep working hard to provide best content to his readers.

Talent must get appreciated and his talent of impactful writing also collected so much compliments as well as awards. Such as Best Writer, Best Co-author for contributing to verious anthologies and also as best debut solo Author for his newly launched book “दास्तां – Tales of Unconditional Love”.

He has also successfully launched his own official Website where anyone can buy his book, read his blogs and get connected with him personally.

We recommend you to must visit his website.

To read his latest poems must check out his Instagram account @vkay.singh 

You absolutely love his content which you can relate to your lives and His first solo book “दास्तां – Tales of Unconditional Love” by Vikash Singh is now available on Amazon, Flipkart, Amazon Kindle and for his readers.

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