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“Travel Teaches You: A Book by V.S. Sharma”




Life lessons that travelling can teach you

To change your life, you must change your mindset. 

Myself Vishnu Sharma. I was born in Uttar Pradesh, Deoria on 14 January 1988. I completed my schooling from Arunachal Pradesh which is popularly known as ‘Land of the Dawn-lit-Mountains’; Arunachal Pradesh is India’s remotest state and the first Indian soil to greet the rising sun. After the completion of my schooling I got good rank in all India entrance exams and finally went to Chennai for my further studies. Well I was an average student in my school and not very good in studies. But I was very good in cricket and played up to national level but did not get much support from family to go on further. After three years of diploma I also did Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology and 15+ certifications in different fields. After my studies I worked in some big Organisation like Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, Punj Lloyd Limited, Reliance Industries Limited and contribute in some huge projects of India like Thermal Power Projects, Nuclear Power Projects, Hydro Projects, Windmill & Solar Power Projects, LNG Tank Projects, Railway Electric Engine Projects, National Highway Projects etc. Got married in 2019 with my love and blessed with a cute little baby girl.

Well this is one part of my life, after 10 years of my service I achieved my things but I was never satisfied with all this. I left my job and started my own business in pharmaceuticals and I was zero in this field as per my background. Many people de-motivate me but I never stop myself if ones I decide to do something. I started with one business in 2020 and now I run two businesses in 2022 and also working on a project to start my 3rd business very soon. When I left my job, I slowly realised that I have lot of thing to do in my life and I decided to write a book.

“My simple formula for life is to work hard in silent and let your success make the noise”. I think I don’t need to answer to every single person all the time because God gives me two ears to listen more and one tongue to talk less. 

When I realized Travelling is the best way to learn. 

“What Travel teaches you” is based on life lessons that travelling can teach you. Travel is one of the greatest teachers. Books and classrooms might teach you the philosophies of life and how to survive in the jungle of social circles. But at the end of the day, the real-life experiences and practical knowledge are what really shape an individual. Learning keeps us young, and travel is one of the greatest teachers of all. Travelling teaches you more lessons than a classroom, job, or relationship ever will.

Many of you might consider travel to be simply a way to relieve stress and relax. But as times are changing, the meaning of travelling is also seeing some changes. It pulls you out of your comfort zone and plunges you into the unknown. It reveals a world of cultures to explore and people to meet. And it helps you develop virtues like patience and humility. Travelling gives you a chance to learn so many new things — not just about the world, but about yourself. 



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