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“Social Media: Key to Connecting Politicians with Voters”



Social media might not be new to the public at large. However, incorporating social media in political campaigns didn’t see significance until the 2008 United States presidential elections with then- candidate Barack Obama. By blending networking, e-mail programs and display ads in order to generate the dialogue to engage the constituents. Irrespective of whom you prefer at the political platform, digital marketing for political parties with messaging has come to be recognized as a highly important medium than what it had been initially so much so that it is said to grow by 500% since 2012.

P Suresh Kumar., PGDIB, MSc IB (London) Founder & Owner of KPM Creative Agency.

In India, however, since the 2014 General Election of India, the BJP Team under Narendra Modi for the first time used Social Media focused Digital marketing for Politicians. In the 2019 election we witnessed an extreme surge in use of services of political digital marketing agencies in India. All major National or State/Regional parties as well as individual candidates took services of digital marketing for political campaigns in India.

Apart from being a worthy political candidate, one has to organize better digital marketing for political campaigns in India for success and branding. We at KPM, specialize in Digital Marketing for politicians and political parties in India, we focus on target audience, which is very important for political party(ies) or candidate(s) to gain the attention of the potential voters. Though a voter is absolutely entitled to keep his vote confidential, there are quite a few indicators that may help predict whom a voter is inclined to vote for.

Social media political campaigns has the power to swing the votes in favor of specific party or candidate, if performed professionally, creating an emotional, psychological trend towards the candidate or party. For example, General Election-2019 of India – ‘Pulwama attack’ episode brought Nationalism, Patriotism on the front of voters, and subsided all other issues like demonetisation, GST etc.

Who played the major role? 

Obviously, ‘social media’. Nowadays, social media has shifted from Newspaper and Television to ‘Smart Phone’. Handy mobile phones contain all information, people are more comfortable checking all enquiries/information here, and thus making mobile and internet a ‘Power House’ to bring revolution.

Getting Annoyed?

Voters, like any other audience, get tired of the repeated ads. However, the digitally advanced political ads often employ the cross device analysis and the tracking abilities so that the voters do not get tired that quickly. We make use of cutting-edge technology that employs new innovative ways. It helps manage the ad-sequencing in an effective manner.

Let me finish by giving you a perfect example of how a Politician uses social media influencers for boosting their popularity and presence. 

In October 2022, US President Joe Biden alone spent hours of time with 8 most influential TikTok influencers, with the 8 of them having 67+ million followers. 

No other primetime channel or any other media can broadcast to such a large audience. 

In India, DMK MLA and Son of MK Stalin (Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu)  Udhayanidhi Stalin is seen traveling, having lunch and making casual chats with famous youtuber blogger from Tamil Nadu, Irfan. Video went viral with 3.6 million views in 3 days.

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