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“Wittee: T-Shirts Born from Passion, Creativity, & Expression.”



In conversation with Akash Malhotra, founder

What inspired Wittee?

I have always been a rock music and pop culture fan. Also, when it comes to clothes, I believe in T-Shirt supremacy. Wittee is just an amalgamation of these two. Wittee started in 2021 as a college project where we were asked to create our own startup and work on it for a year. I conceptualised Wittee in June 2021 within 2 months I worked on t-shirt designs, website development and marketing. The initial few days were something that I would always remember.  Since I was on campus, the very initial audience to whom I was exposed were my friends and batchmates with whom I got an overwhelming response. Currently, we have India’s largest collection based on rock music and we continue to grow our collection. 

When did this idea of converting a piece of cloth or apparel into Wittee T-Shirts come into your mind?

When it comes to clothes, I believe in T-Shirt supremacy. Wittee is just an amalgamation of my passion for rock music, pop culture and comfortable apparel. 

While music runs in the blood of Wittee’s team and we simply love binge watching television which is why we have the coolest and the quirkiest Pop Culture and TV Show Tees. Movies are so much more than 1-3 hours of video. Movies are emotions, experience, art,  and a reflection of society. It can help you preserve the best of Cinema in your heart and express love for music albums.         

The essence of Wittee is bringing out creativity of storytelling in its apparel. We believe in the power of telling a thousand words through clothes and a t-shirt is the best canvas to express yourself. 

What gives you the inspiration to create new designs everyday?

If you look at our website, Wittee is known for unique designs and cross-over designs from pop culture movies and music. For example – one of our designs makes a crossover between the characters of Family guys and Abbey road music album art of beatles.

We keep on adding designs everyday and many of our designs are ideated by customers themselves. In fact, Wittee is like a friendly neighbourhood store where Customers can interact with the founders over whatsapp, give design recommendations or maybe just talk about movies, shows and rock music.

Amid so many online t-shirt selling websites with even huge players like amazon competing, how do you ensure that you break that clutter and stand out among your audience?

Our growth can be traced to the fact that our attempt is to keep our t-shirts accessible to all by ensuring that we provide our apparel at an affordable price which ensures that there’s a lot of word of mouth. Some of our popular products are priced at 420/- bucks including shipping. This helps the customer try, test and fall in love with our products and service (quality of fabric, size and fitting, fast delivery and responsive support).

We genuinely care about our customers. By default we assume that if we provide customer delight in the first purchase, that customer will turn out to be a long term customer and an advocate for the brand. We go out of our way to personalise tees for customers and always provide size exchange. It is more important that we get positive feedback from our customers which spreads and converts to more people trying out our products.

Another aspect which we keep in mind to differentiate ourselves is the variety of t-shirts, hoodies and crop tops. And since everything is customised and made to order, apparel can be available in all designs across crop tops, hoodies and t-shirts. 

Wittee T-shirts made with love

One reason why Wittee keeps on adding designs is that all our designs are customised and made to order. We try to add in as much personalisation as possible on demand by our customers which leads to customer satisfaction and repeat orders or positive word of mouth. This is all done to ensure that our passionate customers never feel that we missed out on quality or service.

Our customers are passionate people just like us, we try to resonate with their passion and emotions. In fact, one of our longest running campaigns on social media is “Wittee humans” in which Wittee customers share their experiences and anecdotes about the movie or rock music which they are passionate about and how Wittee t-shirts helped them express their passion by the way of apparel.

In terms of t-shirt quality too, we are the best. We use 100% cotton 180 GSM fabric to ensure all day comfort. All our apparel pass the quality check before getting shipped, use pre-shrunk fabric so that there is no shrinkage while you use, bio washed for soft texture and fine finishing and our prints are non-rubbery and no feel done via sustainable inks. 

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