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Women in business are now fierce and confident than never before ft. the story of Mrs. Thara- founder and CEO- Poo Vriskham (beauty brand)



Mrs Thara shares some interesting experiences from her professional life. She is the founder and CEO of Poo Vriksham, a leading beauty brand based in  Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. She is the first lady from her entire family to step into business. Having no business background, here she stands leading her beauty brand with over 4000 happy customers. Here are some snippets from the interview, hope you learn something from her experiences.

  1. Tell us something about yourself?

I  am Siva Poonguzhali (FOUNDER/CEO) of POO VRIKSHAM COMPANY (Beauty Brand) which is located in Coimbatore (DT), Tamil Nadu. I am Graduated in B.E, M.B.A (HR/MARKETING) and after completing my education I started working in an IT Company as a HR Manager. In my corporate career, many appreciated me for my management skills & leadership qualities, that encouragement made me the person who I am Today.

  • What made you leave your corporate job and get into entrepreneurship?

   I am a beauty conscious person, I usually take care of my Hair/Skin with my homemade natural ingredients. During my working days I have started my research towards natural products which never harm our skin/hair. Many people go for quick results with chemical products but I wanted to change people’s mindset to get back their healthy skin/hair with natural products but which takes some time to recover for lifetime. My goals made me to work harder to become an Women Entrepreneur

3. Why did you name your brand “Poo Vriksham?”

Yes, Our Poo Vriksham (Brand name) has the best link with our nature.

Poo Vriksham is a pure Tamil Name. Poo (Flowers) Vriksham (Tree) it has the best meaning tree holds the beautiful flowers/fruits with the support/energy of our mother nature.

My goal is to prepare natural products without chemicals only with our natural ingredients. So we have selected this unique name as our Brand Name.

4. What was your first product and did the customers like it?

Our first product is Homemade Natural Hair oil (200ml) introduced in 7th Sep, 2020 which became our signature product of our Poo vriksham company. Hair care routines differ according to culture & physical characteristics of one’s hair. But we introduced & educated our customers about our homemade natural hair oil compressed with herbs & cold press coconut oil. The best results attracted lots of customers towards us. Today we have 4000+ happy customers for our Signature product.

5. What is your vision behind starting Poo Vriksham? How has the journey been so far?

Our vision is perfecting the art of skin/hair care by using the endowment of traditional science to bring out the best from nature. Poo vriksham was founded by me & co-founded by my husband. My husband is the one who trusted & motivated me to do my own business. Lucky enough to have my mother-in-law, she is my complete support system for Poo vriksham. That’s how our Poo Vriksham was founded on 7th, September, 2020. Poo Vriksham is an all natural skin/hair care brand which makes skincare goodies with fresh ingredients. Our products are entirely organic, vegan, cruelty free & handcrafted with love. This entire process makes Poo vriksham a unique brand which utterly cares for the customer’s who believe in it.

6. How do you handle criticism ?

As a woman I have struggled a lot to reach this position, many people hate me for being successful or many criticise me for achieving my goals.

I will always focus on my goal for the people who support / encourage me with positive thoughts. I have to be successful for the people who trust me that I can do it.

My positive mind is my strength & support. Our positive thoughts can change everything. My biggest strength & support is my husband. He taught me how to handle criticism.

7. Any advice that you would like to give to the people planning to start their business?

As a Businesswoman I have learnt alot about society and also the depth of the business world. Doing business is the biggest challenge to everyone but being a woman, challenges are very heavy. Staying confident and firm on your decisions can help you.

For all the start-up founders I would like to give u one important note : Being an entrepreneur you have to understand that by investing lakhs & lakhs of money in your business won’t make you a successful entrepreneur but your great time, creativity, experience, knowledge & the best marketing strategies are the great investment to be successful

Hope you had a great time reading these snippets from Thara’s experience. Go, check out the organic skin care products by Poo Vriksham.

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