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Chef Amisha Doshi: Empowering Beyond Housewife Role on Women’s Day!



On this Women’s Day, we covered a special Inspiring story of Celebrity Chef Amisha Doshi 

Today everything seems so dreamy & magical, but I still remember that day when I was just a common housewife. I feel so lucky & thrilled whenever I see my husband.

I know you must be thinking the reason, but just keep reading my story, eventually you will get to know it.

                We all love eating food, but I used to love cooking too. Whenever guests used to come to my place and enjoy my meals, it used to make me very happy and still does.

                 I got married in Jain Family and while not hiding anything from you all, why my in laws chose me, there my cooking skills were one of the reasons.

                 But we all are aware that Jains don’t eat onion & garlic, no leftover food etc. Now I had to cook according to my family’s preferences. So, I joined a normal Jain Food cooking class. I learned few things there. But I always had a passion in my heart that my family should enjoy all kinds of tasty & good meals because they used to avoid a lot of dishes because of Onion & Garlic. So, I made it a mission to create my version of no onion—no garlic, Jain Food recipes. With this energy, I created many Jain food recipes. Now my family started enjoying every kind of cuisines. 

                 Suddenly one day I got an offer to work as a chef at the famous Chef Sanjeev Kapoor’s kitchen. They offered me to show my Jain food recipes on their YouTube channel. I know, it sounds such a good deal, but I rejected, I was like—”I am just a common housewife, I cannot do this.”

But but…. My hero plays a master stroke. My husband convinced me to do this. He said—”Amisha! Go ahead, I believe that you are special, you are not just a common housewife.”

Somehow, I went on the set to shoot. And videos came out on YouTube. People started showering their love & support on me. My recipe videos reached to millions of views. I got the opportunity to meet many celebrities like Shilpa Shetty, Rishi Kapoor, Vicky Kaushal etc. When people saw my recipes on YouTube, they started messaging like that they want to eat it, they wish to eat food cooked by me etc. 

              Finally, I decided to open my cloud kitchen in Mumbai. It’s hard to believe until today that in whatever quantity I cook food, every box gets sold. There are no leftovers. We cook fresh every day and deliver it on the same day. My customer’s feedbacks keep that fire alive with in me to cook every single day for them. I remember that one of my customers sent me feedback saying that—”Amisha, you are Annapurna.”

         People wanted to learn live, so I did many live cooking shows. The ability to teach makes me feel really worthy.

         As a chef, I worked on many “Product Development” projects. Did many “Culinary Workshops”. As lockdown popped up, I started teaching cooking online. I was privileged to do numerous things just at the beginning of my career.

         I am a “Jain Food Specialist”. Jain is not just a religion. It’s a lifestyle practice which we follow for our well-being. I can give you some examples such as why we don’t eat onion & garlic? Ayurveda specialists suggest that consumption of onion and garlic results in some negative feelings and emotions like anger, aggression, ignorance, lethargy, anxiety, and increase in sexual desire.

           This is just one example, there are many. Jain Food is a sattvic diet, which includes foods that are light, fresh and healthy. In Ayurvedic practice, sattvic foods are thought to increase energy, happiness, calmness, and mental clarity. 

 My aim of life is to promote Jain food globally so that people can enjoy all kind of cuisines with this delicious & sattvic twist.

            I am grateful to God for everything. And specially for my husband, for his support & belief in my capabilities. If he had not forced me to accept the deal with Sanjeev Kapoor sir, I would never have been able to do whatever I am doing today.

From joining a common cooking class to working with Sanjeev Kapoor, to conducting live shows & workshops, to product development head, to online classes, to running a successful cloud kitchen in Mumbai named as “Snacky Ideas”, to becoming a household name in Jain Society, to packing up my heart with love & support from you all and many more.

    I thank God for everything. There are tons of things which I have to do, I want to do…It’s just a start

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